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Kilmurry Nursery Plant Catalogue

Updated July 2016

The catalogue is currently being updated for the month of January. If there is a specific plant you are looking for please contact us before traveling here, so your not disappointed.

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Plant NameDescriptionPotEuroTypePicture
Acanthus 'Mornings Candle'Pink and white flower spikes on a tall plant, June-October.38AcanthusMorningCandle
Acanthus spinosusDeeply cut spiny leaves.Pure white flowers with purple bracts.1.5m38AcanthusSpinosus
Achillea mill. 'Walter Funcke'Stout stems rise from basal tufts of feathery pungent foliage. Flowers July/August. Best in sun and good drainage38AchilleaMill.Walterfuncke
Achillea millefolium 'Apple Blossom' Fragrant ferny foliage, with clusters of flowers appearing on upright stems in early summer. This selection has soft-pink flowers. Good for cutting. Height 45-70cm.38Achillea AppleBlossom
Achillea millefolium 'Paprika'Lovely shade of red over grey green foliage.75cm38Achillea Paprika
Achillea millefolium'Sunny Seduction'Gorgeous creamy yellow flowers.70cm38AchilleaSunnySeduction
Achillea 'Moonshine'Bright yellows flowers over silvery foliage. Blooms in the summer and autumn. 46-60 cm in height.38AchilleaMoonshine
Achillea 'Red Velvet'Flattened clusters of deep wine red flowers in June-August. Height 60cm.38achillea_redvelvet
Achillea 'Salmon Beauty'Salmon flowers Jun-Sept-60cm38AchilleaSalmonBeauty
Achillea 'Terracotta'Brownish orange flowers38AchilleaTerracotta
Achillea'The Beacon'Red flowers38AchilleaTheBeacon
Aconitum camm. 'Bicolor' Tall flower spikes and dark glossy leaves. It flowers in July and August, producing hooded flowers that are white with irregular blue tips.38AconitumCammBicolor
Aconitum carmichaeliiMonkshood. Lobed leaves and racemes or panicles of showy, blue hooded flowers in autumn. Height 1m-150cm.38Aconitum Carmichaelii
Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii'Strong stems with dark blue fls.38AconitumCarmichaeliiArendsii
Aconitum henryi 'Spark'Purple-blue flowers on tall spikes with narrow, dissected foliage. 1m38AconitumHenryiSpark
Aconitum napellus 'Napellus '
Poisonous herb native to northern Europe having hooded blue-purple flowers. 1.2m38AconitumNapellus
Aconitum napellus 'Rubellum'Pale-pink in Summer. Dark-green foliage. 1m tall38AconitumNapellusRubellum
Aconitum 'Stainless Steel'Big steel-blue or silver-sheened pallid violet, fading to cream at the interior fls. Flowers for July and August.38AconitumStainlessSteel
Adiantum pedatum 'Imbricatum'
Very attractive deciduous fern that unfurls from wiry black stems to delicate lacy fronds.45cm39FernAdiantum Imbricatum
Adiantum VenustumMaidenhair fern. This slow- spreading fern has near black stems with small soft green leaves. Semi-evergreen in mild locations.392016 New addition FernAdiantum-Venustum
Agapanthus africanus 'Albus'Evergreen perennial with large umbels of white trumpet shaped flowers in late summer.3122016 New additionAgapanthus-africanus-Albus
Agapanthus 'Black Buddhist'Lovely large tumbrels of violet blue fls mid to late summer. Stems take on purple hue in the sunlight. 90 cm39AgapanthusBlackBuddhist
Agapanthus 'Black PanthaBlue black flowers form dark stems .Jul-Sept.Decicuous.60cm312Agapanthus Black Pantha
Agapanthus 'Dr.Brouwer'Large, spherical heads of tubular pale violet-blue and dark-blue flowers on upright stems. 70cm312AgapanthusDrBrouwer
Agapanthus 'Glacier Stream'Stunning white african lily. With trumpet shaped florettes, decorated with violet stripes along the midrib of each petal, this tall, icy beauty excels as a focal point. Recommended for large containers and for planting en masse along a foundation. July-August. Height 100cm.312Agapanthu sGlacierStream
Agapanthus 'Ice Lolly'Pure white flowers on green stems with no hint of purple.Vigorous and hardy. Very free flowering. July-August. Height 60- 120cm.312AgapanthusIceLolly
Agapanthus 'Kilmurry Blue'Stunning new blue agapanthus from Kilmurry Nursery.60cm tall312agapanthus_kilmurryblue
Agapanthus 'Kilmurry White'Stunning new white agapanthus from Kilmurry Nursery.40cm tall .15cm wide flowers ,very prolific flowering ,clean pure white.312AgapanthusKilmurryWhite
Agapanthus 'Navy Blue'Dark blue bells in clusters Aug-Sept.60cm .312AgapanthusmNavyBlue
Agapanthus 'Polar Ice'Dwarf to medium pure white flowers with yellow anthers. Flowerhead 12-15cm312AgapanthusPolarIce
Agapanthus 'Purple Cloud'Purple flower heads 80cm312AgapanthusPurpleCloud
Agapanthus 'Snow Storm'Hardy green foliage topped with globes of white flowers.312AgapanthusSnowStorm
Agapanthus 'Streamline'Open heads of mid-blue flowers on long stem. 30cm heigh312AgapanthusStreamline
Agastache 'Black Adder'Violet-blue flowers and dark purple buds on long spikes, mid-green foliage. Mid-summer to frost.38Agastache-Black-Adder
Agastache 'Blue Fortune'Highly scented perennial holds spikes of purple-blue flowers in mid-summer. Bees and butterflies love.382016 New additionAgastache-Blue-Fortune
Agastache mexicana'Red Fortune'Deep pink flowers from beige calyces July-Oct.65cm.Lovely plant.Sun and well drained soil.38AgastacheRedFortune
Agastache 'Nectar Raspberry'Dense spikes of raspberry red flowers with foliage in mid-summer. Has a long flowering season. Attracts bees and butterflies.382016 New additionAgastache-Nectar-Raspberry
Agastache x 'Kudos Coral'Dwarf agastache that is mound forming, with spikes of warm coral plumes from mid-summer until the autumn.382016 New additionAgastache-x-Kudos-Coral
Agastache x 'Kudos Mandarin'Dwarf agastache that is mound forming, with spikes of bright orange plumes from mid-summer until the autumn.382016 New additionAgastache-x-Kudos-Mandarin
Agastache x 'Kudos Yellow'Dwarf agastache that is mound forming, with spikes of yellow plumes from mid-summer until the autumn.382016 New additionAgastache-x-Kudos-Yellow
Ajuga 'Black Scallop'Rich blue-purple flowers over glossy dark foliage.38AjugaBlackScallop
Ajuga 'Catlins Giant'Large spikes of purple over a bed of glossy foliage.38ajuga Catlin's Giant
Ajuga reptans 'Braunherz'Mat-forming evergreen perennial with glossy purple leaves and spikes of blue flowers in late spring to early summer. Likes sun into shade and a well-drained soil.382016 New additionAjuga-reptans-Braunherz
Alchemilla MollisSoft olive-green crimped foliage.38AlcemillaMollis
Allium ChristophiiLarge globes of pinkish- purple with waxy leaves.38AlliumChristophii
Allium 'Gigantea'Large lilac-pink globes with waxy leaves.38AlliumGigantea
Allium 'Mount Everest'Long lasting white globes with waxy leaves.38AlliumMountEverest
Allium 'Purple Sensation'
Deep violet fls in early summer.1m38AlliumPurpleSesation
Alstroemeria 'Adonis'Large magenta flowers with an orange-yellow speckled throat. July to September. Excellent cut flowers for the house. Height 45-60cm.415AlstroemeriaAdonis
Alstroemeria 'Andez Red'Deep red flowers with a touch of yellow.415alstromeria_red
Alstroemeria 'Andez Rose'Pale pink flowers with a white centre.415alstromearia andez rose
Alstroemeria 'Andez Vanilla'Pale yellow flowers with a pink touch.415Alstromeria_andez_vanilla
Alstroemeria 'Apollo'White flowers415AlstromeriaApollo
Alstroemeria 'Compact Violet'Small compact plant with violet-purple flowers.415AlstroemeriaCompactViolet
Alstroemeria 'Freedom'Soft rose flowers with a touch of pink.415alstromeria_freedom
Alstroemeria 'Mars'Velvety red flowers with yellow throat and black flecks on throat415AlstromeriaMars
Alstroemeria 'Oriana'Dark salmon pink flowers. June-November. Hight 90cm.415AlstroemeriaOriana
Alstroemeria pulch. 'Mona Lisa'Pinkish-red with ivory white inner flush.415AlstroemeriaMonaLisa
Alstroemeria 'Red Elf'Bright red flower. Semi dwarf variety ideal for the front of the border or in a large tub. June-November. Height 30-60cm.415AlstroemeriaRedElf
Alstroemeria 'Selina'White flowers with pink and yellow415AlstromeriaSelina
Alstroemeria 'Sweet Laura'Bright yellow flowers with a touch of red to each petal.415AlstroemeriaSweetLaura
Alstroemeria 'Verona'Coral pink with orange and black throat415AlstromeriaVerona
Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'Dark bronze foliaged alstromeria with bright peachy/orange flowers with licks of yellow and red. Makes great cut flowers.4152016 New additionAlstroemeria-Indian-Summer
Ammi majus 'Queen Anne's Lace'Great for fresh cut flowers, bishop’s weed, has white/light green lace-like flower clusters. Height 120cm.382016 New additionAmmi-majus-Queen-Anne's-Lace
Anaphalis tripinervisGrey foliage with white flowers38AnaphalisTripinervis
Anemanthele lessioniana 'Sirocco'Stipa arundinacea. This is a beautiful grass that turns shades of pink, cream and copper and acrhs slightly adding a different habit to the garden.392016 New addition GrassAnemanthele-lessioniana-Sirocco
Anemone hup. 'Prinz Heinrich'Big pink fls with a bright yellow centre with dark green foliage. Flowers from June - October.38AnemoneHupPrinzHeinrich
Anemone hybr. 'Hadspens Abundance'Award winning pale petals with darker ones. Lovely rounded shape.1m38AnemoneHadspensAbundance
Anemone hybr. 'Honorine Jobert'Extra large single white fls. From late summer into autumn, no anemone guite like it. Stunning.1m38AnemoneHonorineJobert
Anemone hybr. 'Koningin Charlotte'Semi double pink fls. 1.5m. Vigorous38AnemoneKoninginCharlotte
Anemone hybr. 'Panima'Dark red double flowers.Aug-Oct.80cm38AnemonePanima
Anemone rivularisThis clump- forming perennial bears umbels of saucer shaped white flowers in early summer. Thrives in sun to partial shade.382016 New additionAnemone-rivularis
Anemone 'Wild Swan'Large purple backed white flowers over a long period .May -October.30cm38AnemoneWildSwan
Anemone x hybrida 'Lady Gilmour'Semi-double pink flowers Aug-Oct.Crisped leaves .50cm38AnemoneLadyGilmour
Anemone x hybrida 'Lorelei'Windflower. Neat dark green foliage. Rosy pink semi-double blossoms from July to September. Height 60cm.38AnemoneLorelei
Angelica gigasRobust plant with divided leaves and purple globe shaped flowers on tall purple stems in late summer and early autumn. Height 150-200cm38AngelicaGigas
Anthemis hyb 'Sauce Hollandaise'Small daisy like flowers. Big yellow centre.38AnthemisSauceHollandaise
Anthemis tinctoria 'E.C. Buxton'Clump-forming perennial with fine grey-green evergreen foliage with beauitful lemon-yellow flowers in mid-summer. Likes full sun and a well-drained spot.382016 New additionAnthemis-tinctoria-E.C-Buxton
Anthemis tinctoria 'Lemon Ice'Creamy yellow flowers throughout the summer adding a splash of colour to any pot or border.382016 New additionAnthemis-tinctoria-Lemon-Ice
Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing'Bronze-purple form of the common Cow Parlsey. The lacy dark foliage bears white airy flowers in early summer.382016 New additionAnthriscus-sylvestris-Ravenswing
Aquilegia 'Barlow Blue'This wonderful cottage-garden plant is adorned with fully double violet-blue flowers. 90cm38AquilegiaBarlowBlue
Aquilegia 'Barlow White'This wonderful cottage-garden plant is adorned with fully white pink flowers. 90cm38AquilegiaBarlowWhite
Aquilegia chrysantha 'Yellow Queen'Large soft yellow flowers38AquilegiaYellowQueen
Aquilegia 'Double White'Petit double white flowers.38aqulegia_doublewhite
Aquilegia 'Kilmurry Mix'Granny's Bonnet or Columbine. Mix of different colors. Height 60cm.38AquilegiaKilmurryMix
Aquilegia McKana Hybridscottage garden classic. 7.5cm wide fls in a bright colour range38AquilegiaMcKanaHybrids
Aquilegia 'Pleated Double'Double mixed colours .80cm38AquilegiaPleatedDouble
Arisarum proboscidumMouse plant. In early spring, these cute little flowers appear that resembles long purple mice with white bottoms digging into the ground.382016 New additionArisarum-proboscidum
Artemisia ludoviciana 'Valerie Finnis'Silvery grey leaves,sharpely cut margins.60cm.AGM38ArtemisiaLudovicianaValerieFinnis
Artemisia stelleriana 'Boughton Silver'Compact, low-growing, evergreen perennial with deeply lobed, hairy, silver-grey leaves and panicles of insignificant yellow flowers in late summer and early autumn.38ArtemisiaBoughtonSilver
Arthropodium candidum 'Purpureum'Leopard spotted narrow leaves .Clouds of white flowers late summer.shaded38ArthropodiumCandidumPurpureum
Arthropodium cirratumEvergreen plants white flower38ArthropodiumCirratum
Aruncus dioicus 'Kneiffii'Bold, showy plant for a moist or partly shaded spot. Ivory white fls in early summer. 1m38AruncusKneiffii
Asplenium (Phyllitis) scolopendriumHart's toungue fern. Simple undivided fronds. Height 60cm.39FERNAspleniumScolopendrium
Astelia chathamica 'Silver Spear'Startling silver sword leaves.1-1.7m.AGM38AsteliaChathamicaSilverSpear
Aster 'Fellowship'
Superb large double pinky mauve fls .Aug-Oct.Good soil sun to half shade.75cm.Good mildew resistance38AsterFellowship
Aster frikartii 'Monch'Clear blue lavender flowers ,yellow centres,70cm38AsterFrikartiiMonch
Aster 'Little Carlow'Blue flowers upright stems38AsterLittleCarlow
Aster microphylla 'Twilight'
Vigorous mildew resistant producing single violet blue dls with yellow centres in late summer into autumn.75cm38Aster Twilight
Aster novae-angliae 'Pink Parfait'Large tupperware pink fls with deeper edges Aug-Oct/1.2m Mildew resistant.Attractive to butterflies38Aster Pink Parfait
Aster novae-angliae 'Treasure'Large lilac-blue flowers with yellow centres. Flowers late summer to early autumn. Height 1.5m. Loves a sunny to shady spot.382016 New additionAster-novae-angliae-Treasure
Aster 'Pink Star'Pink star flowers38AsterPinkStar
Aster piosus var. pringlei 'Monte Casino'Compact neat dark green foliage and contrasting masses of white daisy-like flowers. Height 60-90cm.38Aster Monte Casino
Aster 'Winston Churchill'Bright pink daisy like flowers with a yellow centre.38Aster Winston Churchill
Astilbe arendsii 'Gloria Purpurea'Dark pink flowers on green leaves.60cm38AstilbeGloriaPurpurea
Astilbe 'Bressingham Beauty'Pure, rich pink plumes of flowers sway above lacy deep green foliage. Flowers from early summer to late summer.38AstilbeBressinghamBeauty
Astilbe 'Bronze Elegance'Divided foliage appears brown when young then matures into deep glossy green. Sprays of creamy salmon-pink flowers in summer. Height 30-50cm38Astilbe Bronze Elegans
Astilbe chinensisDark purple-rose blooms with obvious clump forming habit and dwarf foliage.38AstilbeVeronicaKlose
Astilbe chinensis 'Vision in Red'Beautiful deep maroon, red long lasting flowers on dark green/brownish foliage and red stems.38AstilbeVisionInRed
Astilbe 'Deutschland'White flowers. June - August. 60cm38AstilbeDeutschland
Astilbe 'Diamant'Long, narrow plumes of pure white flowers in early to mid summer, over a mound of elegant, lacy green leaves. Also thrives in tubs, or mixed containers. Height 80cm.38Astilbe Diamant
Astilbe 'Hyazinth'Light purple blooms in profusion from mid July onwards. Grow in moist soil in sun or light shade. 1m38AstilbeHyazinth
Astilbe 'Irrlicht'Large white plumes during mid summer.95cm.moist soil in shade38AstilbeIrrlicht
Astilbe rivularisGreenish-white flowers rise to 1.8m in mid to late summer over clumping green foliage. It likes full sun to partial shade and a poor to well-drained spot.382016 New additionAstilbe-rivularis
Astilbe 'Snowdrift'Feathery, pure white plumes of flowers in early to mid summer, over a compact mound of elegant, lacy green leaves. Height 50-60cm.38Astilbe-Snowdrift
Astilbe 'Veronica Klosse'Brightly coloured purplish rose stately blooms that look great planted in mass. One of the most colourful plants for shade.60cm58AstilbeVeronicaKlose
Astilboides tabularisThis monumental plant thrives in moist soil produce huge umbrella-like leaves. In early summer creamy white, star-shaped flowers.38AstilboidesTabularis
Astrantia maj. 'Abbey Road'
Rich ruby-maroon flowers with a white base. Great vigour and very free-flowering. 70cm38AstrantiaAbbey
Astrantia maj. 'Claret'
Dark ruby red flowers held on wiry, branched stems from June to August.38AstrantiaClaret
Astrantia maj. 'Roma'Delicate appearance, pink fls. Height 90cm.38AstrantiaRoma
Astrantia maj. 'Ruby Wedding'Stunning ruby-red flowers, branched on stems above lobed, mid-green leaves.38AstrantiaMajRubyWedding
Astrantia maj. 'Shaggy'
White, pincushion flowers with a collar of long, green tipped petals on wiry, branched stems above deeply divided, dark green leaves. 60cm38AstrantiaShaggy
Astrantia major 'Buckland'Soft greeny-pink flowers inside a silver bract. This is a beautiful plant for a sunny/semi-shaded area. It flowers through out the summer.382016 New additionAstrantia-major-Buckland
Astrantia major 'Hadspens Blood'
Deep red flowers.55cmJuly-Sept38AstrantiaMajorHadpensBlood
Astrantia major 'Star of Billion'New introduction producing glossy green-and-white blooms. Clump-forming perennial with masses of palm-shaped leaves. Excellent cut flowers.38Astrantia Star Of Billion
Astrantia 'Snow Star'Clump forming with divided green leaves and branching stems with umbrels of white flowers in summer.90cm38Astrantia Snow Star
Athyrium felix-feminaLady fern ,attractive fronds up to 90cm .AGM39FERNAthyrium Felix Femina
Athyrium filix-femina 'Frizelliae'Tatting fern or lady fern. Dwarf deciduous with very long narrow fronds with rounded leaves. Height 15-30cm.39FERNAthyrium Frizelliae
Athyrium filix-femina 'Lady in Red'Green fronds with burgundy red stems. The red stems darken with age.392016 New addition FernAthyrium-filix-femina-Lady-in-Red
Athyrium niponicum 'Metallicum'Japanese painted fern.Deciduous fern with silver variegation on grey green fronds.Shady borders.45cm39FERNAthyrium Metallicum
Baptisia australisEntire plant blue green,flowers lilac-blue.150cm58BaptisiaAustralis
Begonia grandis ssp evansiana 'Claret Jug'Like all the other begonias in this group hardy and spreds by bulbils dropped off the plant in Autumn. Has darkest leaves of any in this group and is also quite floriferous. Use a good medium bark mulch around this plant for optimum results. Best in shade. Height 30-45cm.38Begonia Claret Jug
Bergenia 'Baby Doll'Small leaved perennial. Soft pink flower that darken wit age.45cm38BergeniaBabyDoll
Bergenia 'Ballawley'Mid green leaves turning bronze purple in winter. Red fls stems bear crimson fls .60cm38BergeniaBallaway
Bergenia 'Bressingham Salmon'Deep green leaves turning dark red in winter. Salmon pink fls.45cm38BergeniaBressinghamSalmon
Bergenia 'Edens Dark Margin'Sculpted shiny red flushed winter foliage with shiny undersides.Deep pink fls Feb-May.35cm38Bergenia Edens Dark Margin
Bergenia 'Edens Magic Giant'Very good thick evergreen foliage ,red win winer ,deep ink fls mar-Apr.AGM38Bergenia Edens Magic Giant
Bergenia 'Red Beauty'So much beauty for so little effort. Neat mounds of evergreen foliage. Red flowers with stalks up to 50cm tall38BergeniaRedBeauty
Bergenia 'Wintermarchen'Small form of Bergenia with strong dark winter foliage delicate heads of deep pink flowers . 40cm38BergeniaWintermarchen
Beschorneria septentrionalisFalse red yucca. Hardy plant from Agave family. Rosette froming clumps, mature plant produces up to 150cm tall electric pink flower spikes. Height 150cm.38Beschorneria Septentrionalis
Blechnum spicantNeat, tufted evergreen fern with dark green sterile fronds. 392016 New addition FernBlechnum-spicant
Briza maximaGreater quaking grass. Oval shaped spikelets appear in early to mid-summer, that hang and make a lovely sound in the breeze.392016 New addition GrassBriza-maxima
Brunnera 'Jack FrostDramatic silvered leaves with narrow green edge and veins good in lare summer and autumn.Loose sprays of bright blue flowers Feb-Jun and later.50cm39Brunnera Jack Frost
Brunnera macrophyllaBlue flowers April to May .40cm38Low stockBrunneraMacrophylla
Brunnera macrophylla 'Looking Glass'Clump of heart-shaped leaves, frosted entirely in shimmering silver. Sprays of bright blue Forget-me-not flowers appear in mid to late spring. Height 30-45cm38Brunnera-Looking-Glass
Buxcus sempervirensBox hedging. Dark green leaves all year round. Good for hedging, topiary or in a border.382016 New additionBuxcus-sempervirens
Calamagrostis acut. 'Karl Foerster'Clump forming. Foliage is green 90- 120 cm tall. Flowers in June- July. 2m39GrassCalamagrostisKarlFoerster
Calamagrostis acut. 'Overdam'Variegated Reed grass. 120cm39GrassCalamagrostisOverdam
Calamagrostis brachytrichaReed grass. Slow-spreading, ornamental grass with green leaves and pinkish plumes in late summer.392016 New addition GrassCalamagrostis-brachytricha
Calamagrostis emodensisOrnamental grass with graceful white plumes in mid-summer.392016 New addition GrassCalamagrostis-emodensis
Campanula 'Cup & Saucer'Big white saucer shaped flowers on upright stems. May-June. Height 70cm.38Campanula Cup And Saucer
Campanula glomerata'Caroline'Pink flowers ,light centre.May-July.40cm38CampanulaGlomerataCaroline
Campanula lactiflora ' Border Blues'Bellfower. Deep violet bell-shaped flowers in mid-summer, will comtinue to flower for the summer season. 382016 New additionCampanula-lactiflora-Border-Blues
Campanula latifolia 'Alba'Upstanding variety produces white tubular flowers with a hint of blue. June-Aug. 60-90cm38CampanulaLatifoliaAlba
Campanula latifolia 'Loddon Anna'
Soft pink flowers Jun-Aug.100cm38CampanulaLatifoliaLoddonAnna
Campanula perscifolia'Blue Bloomers'Large double fls on strong stems from mat of green.60cmMid summer38CampanulaPerscifoliaBlueBloomers
Campanula 'Prichards Variety'Violet pink flowers.Jun-Aug.80cm38CampanulaPrichardsVariety
Campanula punctata 'Elizabeth'Pink-mauve flowers.May-July.45cm38CampanulaPunctataElizabeth
Campanula 'Sarastro'Fantastic new bellflower cross. Purple fls. 90cm38CampanulaSarastro
Campanula'Kent Belle'Nodding bells of blue flowers38CampanulaKentBelle
Carex comans 'Bronze'Densely tufted warm brown leaves .Produces brown flower spikes.35cm39GrassCarexComansBronze
Carex conica 'Snowline'Evergreen perennial with dark green ,white margined leaves with dark brown–purple flowers .15cm39GrassCarexConicaSnowline
Carex dolichostachya 'Gold Fountain'Gold fountain sedge. Attractive foliage with chartreuse edges.392016 New addition GrassCarex-dolichostachya-Gold-Fountain
Carex 'Everest'Variegated clump forming grass. Height 30cm512GrassCarex Everest
Carex 'Frosted Curls'Evergreen perennial with arching narrow pale silvery leaves that curl at the end.50cm39GrassCarexFrostedCurls
Carex morrowii 'Variegata'Evergreen perennial with broad stiff shiny variegated cream and green leaves .50cm39GrassCarexMorrowiiVariegata
Carex 'Rekohu Sunrise'Evergreen warm yellow gold and green variegated foliage. Sun, part shade. Average to damp but dislikes colder areas. Height 70cm-80cm.39GrassCarex Rekohu Sinrise
Carex testaceaEvergreen perennial with arching orange–brown leaves .Pale brown flowers in mid-summer.60cm39GrassCarexTestacea
Centaurea montana 'Purlple Heart'Silverly- greenfoliage bears blue/purple flowers in early summer. Very unusual.382016 New additionCentaurea-montana-Purlple-Heart
Cephalaria giganteaLight yellow flowers similar to scabiosa.200cm38CephalariaGigantea
Chinochloa rubraRed tussock. Red- copperly fine foliage, with creamy-green flowers. Grows well in wet soils.392016 New addition GrassChinochloa-rubra
Chionochloa conspicuaSharp green blades form low clump. Thick, strong, arching stems supporting golden sprays in summer. Height 150cm.39GrassChionochloa Conspiua
Chrysanthenum weyrichiiLovely compact plant for front of borders .Clear pink daisy fls
38Chrysanthenum Weyrichii
Cimicifuga (Actaea) ramosa 'Black Neglegee'One of the blackest forms to date. Arching wands or spikes of fragrant pink-tinged white flowers rise above the clump in mid fall.312Cimicifuga Black Neglegee
Cimicifuga ramosa 'Atropurpurea'Dark leaves and spikey fragrant white flowers Aug-Sept.312CimicifugaArtropurpurea
Cimicifuga ramosa 'Chocoholic'Beautiful purplish-black, lacy foliage that creates an airy backdrop to any shade garden. 36cm tall312CimicifugaChocoholic
Clematis 'Ernest Markham'Vigorous, late-flowering climber with rich magenta fls in summer. Fls 4 inches across. Height 3m.412SOLD OUTClematisErnestMarkham
Clematis integrifolia 'Alba'Decidous climber with white, cruciform shaped fls. 100cm.SOLD OUTClematisIntegrifoliaAlba
Clematis integrifolia Sold OutDecidous climber with purple, cruciform shaped fls. 100cm.SOLD OUTClematisIntegrifolia
Clematis 'Madame Le Coultre'Blooms appear cream first to become pure white fls with golden anthers. Height 4m.312SOLD OUTClematisMadameLeCoultre
Coreopsis 'Limerock Passion'Purple-pink flowers with yellow centers, dark green foliage. Flowers from summer to autumn.38CoreopsisLimerockPassion
Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising'Long blooming perennial, with large wine-maroon daisies with a gold centre. Flowers mid to late summer. Some flowers are frosted with creamy-white. 382016 New additionCoreopsis-Mercury-Rising
Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'Masses of pale yellow flowers on needle-like divided foliage.38Coreopsis Moonbeam
Coreopsis'Little Sundial'Compact free flowering plant all summer.yellow with maroon dot at the base of each petal.38Coreopsis Little Sundial
Cortaderia richardii Evergreen, clump-forming grass with tall arching plumes in mid-summer persisting well into winter. Height 200cm.39GrassCortaderia Richardii
Corydalis 'China Doll'Larger blue flowers38CorydalisFlexuosaChinaDoll
Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David'Blue flowers .Leaves disappear in late summer38CorydalisPereDavid
Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple Leaf'Purple fern like foliage,tubular blue or purple flowers.38CorydalisPurpleLeaf
Cosmos atros. 'Chocolate'Unusual deep maroon flowers with wonderful chocolate scent. Originated in Mexico38CosmosChocolate
Crocosmia 'Auricorn'Dark green pleated foliage and soft yellow-orange flowers on arching stems, with many stems opening to bloom at the same time in late summer. Height 90cm.38Crocosmia-Auricorn
Crocosmia 'Buttercup'Yellow flowers opening flat from late summer. Height 75cm38CrocosmiaButtercup
Crocosmia 'Emily McKenzie'Late summer bears branched spikes of bright orange flowers.60cm38CrocosmiaEmilyMcKenzie
Crocosmia 'Irish Dawn'Clear yellow flowers.Aug-Sept. 50cm38CrocosmiaIrishDawn
Crocosmia 'Jackanapes'Arching racemes of yellow-orange flowers in mid-summer to early autumn, turning orange to red with age, above dark green narrow foliage. 382016 New additionCrocosmia-Jackanapes
Crocosmia 'James Coey'Dark orange-red ,paler inside.60cm38CrocosmiaJamesCoey
Crocosmia 'Kilmurry Orange'Abundant orange flowes in late summer-autumn. Height 60-90cm.38no-picture
Crocosmia 'Lucifer'Tall upright facing burnt orange flowers38CrocosmiaLucifer
Crocosmia masoniorum 'Rowallane Orange'Giant montbretia. Robust clump forming perennial with branched stems of large, upward facing orange flowers in mid summer. Height 80-120cm.38CrocosmiaRowallaneOrange
Crocosmia masoniorum 'Rowallane Yellow'Giant montbretia. Robust clump forming perennial with branched stems of large, upward facing yellow flowers in mid summer. Height 80-120cm.38Crocosmia-Rowallane-Yellow
Crocosmia masoniorumQuick and easy to grow, beautiful orange fls.38CrocosmiaMasoniorum
Crocosmia 'Shocking'Montbretia. Clump-forming perennial with upright, lance-shaped,mid- to dark green leaves and, from midsummer to early autumn, arching, branched stems bearing racemes of funnel-shaped, orange to orange-pink flowers with yellow eyes. Height 90cm.38Crocosmia-Shocking
Crocosmia 'Star of the East'Big starry out facing pure orange flowers.Jul-Oct.AGM38CrocosmiaStarOfTheEast
Crocosmia 'Voyager'Large chrome yellow fls. 90cm38CrocosmiaVoyager
Cynara cardunculusCardoon.Excellent blue flowers 100cm38CynaraCardunculus
Dahlia 'Ann Breckenfelder'
Vermillion orange fls with cream inner petals.Aug-Oct.1.2m38DahliaAnnBreckenfelder
Dahlia 'Arabian Night'Deep maroon black fls .Dark green foliage .July-Oct.1.2m38dahlia arabian nights
Dahlia 'Bishop of Auckland 'Dark afghan-red single flowers above black foliage.75cm38DahliaBishopAuckland
Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff'Divided black maroon leaves,single scarlet flowers.85cm38DahliaBishopLlandaff
Dahlia 'Tally Ho'Black foliage with single vermillion fls.Jul-Nov.38DahliaTallyHo
Delphinium ela. 'Blue Tit'Deep blue flowers with black eye.412DelphiuniumBlueTit
Delphinium ela. 'Diamant'White large flowers with yellow-green centre. From late spring to late summer. 100cm412DelphiniumDiamant
Delphinium ela. 'Finsteraarhorn'Deep blue flowers with black centre in late spring to late summer. 125cm412DelphiniumFinsteraarhorn
Delphinium ela. 'Miss Newton Lees'Soft mauve. 1.5m height.412DelphiniumMissNewtonLees
Delphinium ela. 'PinkPower'Deep pink fls. 1.7m412DelphiniumPinkPower
Delphinium ela. 'Sky Sensation'Pink flowers with dark heart. 100cm412DelphiniumSkySensation
Delphinium 'Ned Rose'Unusual delphinium ,pink flower with white heart412DelphiniumNedRose
Deschampsia 'Bronze Veil'Clump forming grass that forms bronze airy flowers in mid-summer. Likes sun to partial shade. Nearly 1m in height.392016 New addition GrassDeschampsia-Bronze-Veil
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Golden Veil'Golden fls. 75cm39GrassDeschampsiaGoldenDew
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau'Highly ornamental, evergreen grass with dark green leaves and silver flower spikes. 80cm39GrassDeschampsiaGoldtau
Desmodium canadenseShowy tick-trefoil. Large pink violet flowers. Height 90cm.39DesmodiumCanadense
Dianthus 'Eleanor's Old Irish'Carnation. Lovely old variety with neat blue foliage. Highly-scented, deep red flowers. Height 25cm.38DianthusEleanor
Diasca personataDusky pink flowers through all the summer, bright green foliage and 90cm tall stems.38DiascaPersonata
Dicentra (Lamprocapnos) spectabilisStunning red heart-shaped flowers with white tips in spring. 60-80cm512DicentraSpectabilis
Dicentra (Lamprocapnos) spectabilis 'Alba'White heart-shaped flowers over dark green foliage. 60-80cm512DicentraSpectabilisAlba
Dicentra eximia 'Alba'White fls on grey green leaves.38DicentraEximiaAlba
Dicentra formosa 'Adrian Bloom'Deep green fern-like foliage with everblooming red-crimson fls. 35cm.38DicentraFormosaAdrianBloom
Dicentra formosa 'Aurora'Fern-like grey-green foliage with tiny dangling white heart-shaped flowers in early summer. Perfect for a sun to partial shady spot.382016 New additionDicentra-formosa-Aurora
Dicentra formosa 'Bacchanal'Dark red fls on silver foliage38DicentraFormosaBacchanal
Dicentra formosa 'Luxuriant'Dark reddish pink, heart-shaped blooms above divided ferny blue-green foliage. 45cm38DicentraLuxuriant
Dicentra hybr. 'Ivory Hearts'Heart-shaped, ivory white flowers held above ferny, blue gray foliage. Slightly fragrant.38DicentraIvoryHeart
Dierama Big Open Light PinkAngel's fishing rodes. Beautiful trumpets on long arching steams. Mix of different colors grown from seeds in Kilmurry Nursery. Height 90-120cm.415no-picture
Dierama 'Blackbird'Blackberry flowers on tall stems.1m415DieramaBlackbird
Dierama cosmosAngel's fishing rods. Bears the darkest flowers of any dierama we have ever seen. Beautiful large, burgundy purple trumpets contrast with white bracts. Height 90-120cm.415DieramaCosmos
Dierama Kilmurry SeedlingAngel's fishing rodes. Beautiful trumpets on long arching steams. Mix of different colors grown from seeds in Kilmurry Nursery. Height 90-120cm.415no-picture
Dierama 'Kilmurry Seedling'Beautiful mix flowers of fishing rods. Shades of pink and purple from June till September. Height 90-120cm.415no-picture
Dierama 'Lancelot'Pink flowers 1.3m18DieramaLancelot
Dierama LavenderAngel's fishing rodes. Beautiful trumpets on long arching steams. Mix of different colors grown from seeds in Kilmurry Nursery. Height 90-120cm.415no-picture
Dierama mossiiUnusuall dwarf variety with strong arching stems and warm deep red tubular flowers in spring. Height 60cm.415DieramaMossii
Dierama pauciflorumLarge pink flowers Jun-July310DieramaPauciflorum
Dierama pulcherrimumPale pink to purple flowers.150cm415DieramaPulcherrimum
Dierama reynoldsiiThis late flowering (August) alpine dierama is one of the most stunning of this genus. On arching stems, the starkly-contrasting white bracts show off the pendulous deepest wine red flowers. Hieght 120cm.310DieramaReynoldsii
Dierama VioletAngel's fishing rodes. Beautiful trumpets on long arching steams. Mix of different colors grown from seeds in Kilmurry Nursery. Height 90-120cm.415no-picture
Digitalis 'Glory of Roundway'Rosette-forming, hairy perennial with broadly lance-shaped, dark green leaves and, from late spring into summer, small, pale pink flowers with apricot to pale yellow throats forming around up to 120cm tall stem.38Low stockDigitalisGloryOfRoundway
Digitalis parvifloraBrown red dense candles. great for flower arranging.60cm.July-Oct38DigitalisParviflora
Digitalis purp 'Snow Thimble'Pure white flowers unspotted.100cm.May-July38DigitalisSnowTimble
Digitalis purpurea 'Primrose Carousel'1st primrose yellow foxglove.Large claret speckled fls all around the stem.Dwarf habit only 75cm tall38DigitalisPrimroseCarousel
Digitalis purpurea 'Sutton's Apricot'Lovely soft pink foxglove flowers in June. Height 90-120cm.38DigitalisSuttonApricot
Digitalis 'Spice Island'Beautiful foxglove. Evergreen biennial with glossy, dark green basal leaves and tall, upright spikes of peach-yellow, bell-shaped flowers in summer. Height 120cm38DigitalisSpiceIsland
Diplarrhena moraceaTufted perennial with white fls marked purple and yellow inside each petal38DiplarrhenaMorea
Dryopteris affinis crist 'The King'Medium to large clump of arching green fronds.Semi evergreen.80-120 cm39FERN
Dryopteris atrataThe bright green fronds of this fern is covered in black scales on the under side. Making this fern very unusual.392016 New addition FernDryopteris-atrata
Dryopteris clintonianaClinton's wood fern. Its leaflets are twisted , so the leaf does not appear flat. Semi-evergreen. Height 60cm.39FERN
Dryopteris crassirhizomaWood fern. Lush, semi-evergreen vase-shaped fern with thickly textured leaves. Height 90-180cm.39FERN
Dryopteris erythrosoraJapenese wood fern, copper shield fern. Semi-evergreen. The fronds have a coppery tint when young, but mature to dark green. Height 50-100cm.39FERN
Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance'Oak fern. In spring copper-red or pink in color and eventually fade to a bronze-green. In late summer, bright-red spore clusters appear. Native to Japan. Height 30-60cm.39FERN
Dryopteris felix-ms'Crispa Cristata'Crested male fern.Large growing deciduoud fern with bright green arching fronds that are crested at tip and edges.50cm39FERN
Dryopteris lepidopodaSunset Fern. Upright habit shows off the pink to red of the new growth that turns glossy. Evergreen.392016 New addition FernDryopteris-lepidopoda
Dryopteris wallichianaEvergreen fern. Beautiful glossy dark green fronds grows to over a metre.392016 New addition FernDryopteris-wallichiana
Dryotopteris filix-mas AGMRobust deciduous ferm. Height 120cm.39FERNDryopterisFelixMas
Echinacea pallida Mid-green leaves from summer into early autumn, pale purple flower heads with linear, drooping petals. 1.2 m Tall38EchinceaPallida
Echinacea paradoxaBright yellow very unusual38EchinaceaParadoxa
Echinacea purp. 'Alaska'White fls with green centre. Height 55cm38EchinaceaPurpureaAlaska
Echinacea purp. 'Magnus'Distinctive, vigorous and large growing cone flower. Pink fls. Height 1m.38EchinaceaPurpureaMagnus
Echinacea purp. 'Ruby Glow'Deep carmine-red double daisy shaped flowers with rich reddish brown centres.This plant looks gorgeous in the herbaceous or mixed border from June to September.38EchinaceaRubyGlow
Echinacea 'White Swan'White fls. Jul-Oct. 75cm38EchinaceaWhiteSwan
Echinops bannaticus 'Taplow Blue'Blue globe thistle. Spherical bright blue flowers up to 5cm diameter over prickly grey green leaves. July-August. 2m38EchinopsTaplowBlue
Echium hybrid 'Pink Fountain'This shorter echium displays beauitful dense pink flowers in early summer.382016 New additionEchium-hybrid-Pink-Fountain
Echium pininana alba 'Snow Tower'Rare white form of a tree echium. Hardy biennial, that flowers tall white spikes of up to 15ft in it's second year.382016 New additionEchium-pininana-alba-Snow-Tower
Epimedium 'Akebono'White flowers flushed pink from March - May. Green and red foliage. Height 30-45cm.38EpimediumAkebono
Epimedium 'Amber Queen'Wiry dark brown stems boast distinctive coloured amber spurred blooms.Large spiny looking foliage.30cm.Gorgeous variety38EpimediumAmberQueen
Epimedium grandiflorum 'Red Beauty'Dark green leaves bearing sprays of delicate bright red flowers in mid to late Spring38EpimediumRedBeauty
Epimedium versicolor 'Sulphureum'Evegreen ground cover for shade with soft yellow flowers in spring. 30cm38EpimediumVersicolorSulphureum
Epimedium x perralchicum 'Frohnleiten'Evergreen ground cover with yellow fls. 45cm38EpimediumFrohnleiten
Epimedium x youngianum 'Roseum'Evergreen ground cover with pink fls. Dry shade. 30cm38EpimediumRoseum
Erigeron 'Quakeress'Erigeron 'Quakeress' is a herbaceous perennial forming a bushy mound of narrow, grey-green foliage, covered in pink, daisy-like flowers all through summer. Height 60cm.38ErigeronQuakeress
Eryngium alpinum 'Blue Star'Strong-stemmed rich flowering from June to August, deep blue fls excellent for cutting.70cm39EryngiumBlueStar
Eryngium bourgatiiMediterranean Sea Holly. Deeply lobed and silver-veined leaves, and vivid blue, branched stems bearing cone-like flower-heads with narrow, spiny, usually silvery-blue or violet bracts. Height 45cm.39Eryngium-Bourgatii
Eryngium bourgatii 'Oxford Blue'Dark blue flowers ,grey/green foliage with silvery edge.July-Oct.50cm39EryngiumOxfordBlue
Eryngium giganteum 'Silver Ghost'Large silver-white fls Jun-Sep.60cm.Self seeding biennial .A form of Miss Willmotts Ghost.AGM39EryngiumSilverGhost
Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost'Evergreen grey leaves with cream edges and pink flushes .Strong amethyst flowers start cream Jun-Oct.40cm
Stunning plant
Eryngium x zabelii 'Jos Eijking'Blue sea holly.Cool blue flowerheads, stems and leaves. Long blooming, great for cut flowers. Height 50-70cm.39EryngiumJosEijking
Eryngium x zabelii 'Neptunes Gold'The first golden leafed sea holly. This unusual sea holly with it's gold leaves is paired with the iconic blue flowers.392016 New additionEryngium-x-zabelii-Neptunes-Gold
Eryngium zabelii 'Donard Variety'Silvery-blue flowerheads, bowl-shaped and very feathered, June-Sept. Height 75cm.39EryngiumZabeliiDonardVariety
Eryngium zabelli 'Big Blue'Stunning sea holly.Great for flower arragments. Large 10 cm blooms on thick, sturdy stems in July-September, green spikey foliage. Height 50-80 cm.39EryngiumBigBlue
Erysimum 'Artist Paintbox'Perennial wallflower. A long flowering variety, flowers are a lovely mix of purples and tints of yellows just like an artists box. 382016 New additionErysimum-Artist-Paintbox'
Erysimum 'Constant Cheer'Fragrant orange red flowers, which change to purple .60cm38ErysimumConstantCheer
Erysimum Rysi'Moon'Pearly cream flowers on upright compact stems.40cm.Lovely for containers.Flowers March to July38ErysimumRysiMoon
Erysimum 'Winter Joy'Scented beautiful short spikes of magenta lilac flowers. Blooms late winter and spring, evergreen. Height 40cm.382016 New additionErysimum-Winter-Joy
Erysimum 'Winter Sorbet'Striking fragrant variety with amazing lilac purple blooms that transform to shades of burnt orange in a patchwork of colours as the bloom matures.50cm38ErysimumWinterSorbet
Eschscholzia californicaCalifornian poppy. Finely divided blue-green leaves and orange, yellow or red flowers to 7cm across in summer. Height 30cm.38EschscholziaCalifornica
Eucomis autumnalisPineapple lily. Bulbous perennial with white fls.38EucomisAutumnale
Eucomis bicolorGreen leaves with pineapple fls .50cm38EucomisBicolor
Eupatorium maculatum 'Purple Bush'Purple fls in mid-late summer. 1.5m38EupatoriumMaculatumPurpleBush
Eupatorium maculatum 'Red Dwarf'Perfect for smaller garden.Short and rich flowering 75-85 cm.MidJuly-Mid Sept38EupatoriumRedDwarf
Eupatorium purp. 'Atropurpureum'Long leaves and large heads of tiny purple flowers. 1.5-2.4m38EupatoriumArtropurpureum
Euphorbia characias 'Blue Wonder'Silvery blue linear leaves arranged in whorls and from mid-summer to mid-autumn, bears greenish-yellow flowers. Height 60cm.38EuphorbiaBlueWonder
Euphorbia griffithii 'Dixter'Narrow dark green leaves and dark stems, clusters of bright orange/red flowers in summer. Height 45-90cm.38EuphorbiaDixter
Euryops pectinatusEvergreen fern-like grey-green foliage that bears bright yellow daisy like flowers in early summer but flowers repeatedly throughtout the season.382016 New additionEuryops-pectinatus
Festuca glauca'Elijah Blue'Blue grass which flowers July-Sept.White flowers.25cm38FestucaGlauca
Francoa 'Confetti'Wands of densly clustered full petalled white fls from dark pink stems .July-Sept.75cm.Basal apple green leaves .38FrancoaConfetti
Francoa sonchifolia 'Rogersons Form'Tall spikes of pink fls with darker pink markings from lance shaped deeply lobed leaves.90cm38FrancoaRogersonsForm
Galega officinalisFlowers pale mauve.Jun-Sept.150cm38GalegaOfficinalis
Galega x hartlandii 'Alba' AGMDark green pinnate leaves and branched spikes of white pea-like flowers in summer and autumn. Height 150cm.38GalegaAlba
Gaura lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink'Plants bloom for many weeks, with loose sprays of deep pink butterfly shaped flowers and deep maroon buds. May-August. Height 60-90cm38GauraSiskiyouPink
Gaura 'Whirling Buterflies'Loose spray of white fls tinged with pink .Long flowering plant in full sun to partial shade.Well drained soil.60-90cm38GauraWhirlingButterflies
Gentiana gracilipesGentian. A semi-evergreen perennial, suitable for rock gardens. Leaves form on rosettes. Purple blue flowers appear on long stalks in summer. Height 25cm.512Gentiana-gracilipes
Gentiana luteaPure yellow long lasting.100cm.June-Sept.512GentianaLutea
Geranium hybr. 'Dragon Heart'Large 2in-wide magenta fls with black center. Height 60cm.38GeraniumDragonHeart
Geranium hybr. 'Rozanne'Known as 'Jolley Bee'. Lilac blue fls with white centre. Long flowering.40cmMay-Oct.310GeraniumJolleyBee
Geranium hybrid'Melinda'Lovely new variety that makes neat clumps of fresh green foliage and strong stems of pale pink flowes with darker veins.70cm38GeraniumMelinda
Geranium 'Johnstons Blue'Flowers rich blue paler towards base.Jun-Aug.70cm38GeraniumJohnstonsBlue
Geranium mac 'Spessart'Aromatic leaves which form effective ground cover even in dry shade.Flowers white with pink fleck/38GeraniumSpessart
Geranium macrorrhizumSemi evergreen perennial with sticky leaves that colour well in autumn. Clusters of flat pink to white pink fls. Effective ground cover.50cm38GeraniumMacrorrhizum
Geranium macrorrhizum 'Ingwersen's Variety'Aromatic, rounded, deeply lobed leaves and flowers, with pale pink petals and contrasting deep pink calyces, in early summer. Height 30-45cm38GeraniumIngwersenVariety
Geranium maculatum 'Chatto'Big pink flowers blooms in May-Jun,re-blooms Jul-Aug..40cm38GeraniumChatto
Geranium maculatum 'Espresso'Chocolate-leaved, clump-forming plant with delicate pale pink flowers on upright stems. Mid spring to early summer. Height 45cm.38GeraniumEspresso
Geranium orientalibicumPretty marbled leaves ,white centered pink flowers May-July.20cm38GeraniumOrientalibicum
Geranium palmatumEvergreen ,magenta and crimson flower Jun-Sept.60cm38Geranium-palmatum
Geranium phaeum 'Mourning Widow'Black widow. Clump forming with lobed leaves with brown-maroon markings and outward facing deep dark purple flowers in early summer. Height 50-100cm.38GeraniumMourningWidow
Geranium phaeum 'Raven'This geranium likes partial shade and will bear deep purple flowers in early summer.382016 New additionGeranium-phaeum-Raven
Geranium phaeum 'Springtime'Deep, rich purple flowers in late summer to mid-summer. Bees love this geranium. 382016 New additionGeranium-phaeum-Springtime
Geranium pratense 'Splish Splash'White flowers splashed with mauve blue.50cm38GeraniumPratenseSplishSplash
Geranium pratense 'Victor Reiter Strain'Leaves are large and deeply cut, with a rich purple shading in the spring, later fading more to green as the plants begin to bloom. Violet blue cup-shaped flowers in late spring and early summer. Height 45-60cm.38GeraniumVictorReiter
Geranium 'Salome'Dark violet flowers with a black eye from May to October. Height 30-45cm.38GeraniumSalome
Geranium sang. 'Tiny Monster'Vigorous produces masses of purple flowers nonstop all summer long.38GeraniumTinyMonster
Geranium sanguineum 'Striatum'Upright stems carry clusters of cupped, soft pink flowers striped with white above a mound of divided mid green leaves. July-September. Height 30cm, spread 75cm.38GeraniumStriatum
Geranium sanguineum 'Vision'An Australian selection with purplish pink flowers, slightly larger than average on a compact plant. Height 20cm.38GeraniumVision
Geranium species'Silver Shadow'Serrated grey foliage and bright opink fls .Half hardy perennial38GeraniumSilverShadow
Geranium sylvaticum 'Album' AGMPure white, saucer-shaped flowers in spring and early summer, over pale green foliage. Height 70cm.38GeranimSylvaticumAlbum
Geranium sylvaticum 'Birch Lilac'Violet-blue flowers in spring. For shady or open positions and drought tolerant but will give better results with humus and moisture. Height 60cm.38GeraniumBirchLilac
Geranium x cant 'Biokovo'Trailing aromatic leaves ,flowers white with a touch of pink.25cm38GeraniumBiokovo
Geranium x cantabriegense 'Karmina'Aromatic rounded leaves, semi evergreen, produces pink flowers in summer. Height 30cm.38Geranium x cantabriegense 'Karmina'
Geranium'Phillippe Vapelle'Clusters of rich deep-blue flowers appear in late spring, with delicate purple veining. Height 25-30cm.38GeraniumPhilippeVapelle
Geum x 'Cosmopolitan'Gorgeous introduction.Creamy petals flushed and edged with rosey pink on semi double flowes that look like minature roses in May .40cm.Semi evergreen38GeumCosmopolitan
Geum 'Alabama Slammer'Vigorous geum that produces burgundy buds that open to reveal single to semi double flowers of fiery orange and red with gold centres38GeumAlabamaSlammer
Geum chiloensa floraplena 'Blazing Sunset'Stunning variety with double scarlet fls.June-Sept.60cm38GeumBlazingSunset
Geum coccineum 'Borisii'clump-forming perennial with orange-red flowers in late spring to late summer. 50cm38GeumBorisii
Geum coccineum 'Eos'Dazzling combination of bright golden-green foliage with pretty orange 'Borsii' type flowers. April-June. Height 30cm.38GeumEos
Geum 'Firestorm'Huge amount of semi double orange fls .Apr-Jul.50cm38Geum Firestorm
Geum 'Flames of Passion'Late spring to early summer it bears semi-double, red flowers on upright, dark, wiry stems. Height 40cm38GeumFlamesOfPassion
Geum 'Lady Stratheden'Green, hairy leaves with semi-double yellow fls. 60cm38GeumLadyStratheden
Geum 'Mrs. W.Moore'Cream flushed peach pendant flowers spring to early summer. Sun or semi shade. Ht 30cm38GeumMrsMoore
Geum 'Prinses Juliana' AGMSemi double firey orange flowers on long stems from June to September. Easy to grow. Height 60cm.38GeumPrincesJuliana
Geum 'Spanish Fly'This beautiful little geum nearly represents the spanish flag, with its mixture of red and yellow brighten up a summers day. 382016 New additionGeum-Spanish-Fly
Geum 'Sunkissed Lime'Masses of orange flowers over bright lime foliage in early summer. Continues throughout the summer. Loves a sunny spot.382016 New additionGeum-Sunkissed-Lime
Geum 'Tequila Sunrise'Hairy green foliage with single to semi double yellow flowers on long burgundy stems.40cm38GeumTequilaSunrise
Geum x 'Wet Kiss'Vermillion red flowers that fade to a peachy orange above burgundy red stems. Flowers in late April to early May.382016 New additionGeum-x-Wet -Kiss
Gillenia trifoliataIt a clump-forming perennial with slender red stems, small trifoliate leaves and narrow-petalled, white flowers in summer38GilleniaTrifoliata
Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'Graceful yellow foliage.40cm .Herbaceous graceful grass39HakonechloaAllGold
Hakonechloa macra'Aureola'Gold grass of wonderful soft flowering .30cm.AGM39HakonechloamacraAureola
Hedychium coccineumOrange gingerlily. Decidious banana like green foliage and orange-yellow flowers January to March . Very exotic look. Height 120cm.715HedychiumCoccineum
Helenium 'Biedermeire'Short stocky plant with yellow fls Jun-Oct38HeleniumBiedermeier
Helenium 'Dunkelpracht'Deep red flowers age brown Jul-Sept.80cm38HeleniumDunkelpracht
Helenium 'Pipsqueak'Short stocky plant with yellow fls Jun-Oct38HeleniumPipsqueek
Helenium puberulum 'Autumn Lollipop'Central brown head of fls with rich yellow florets beneath the bloom.100cm38HeleniumAutumnLolipop
Helenium 'Red Jewel'Clusters of small dusky red fls with a dak centre. 60-80cm38HeleniumRedJewel
Helenium 'Ruby Tuesday'Burgundy-red flowers with mahogany center. 50cm38HeleniumRubyTuesday
Helianthus dec. 'Soleil d'Or'sunflower. Golden yellow double flowers from Aug-Oct. 100cm38HelianthusSoleildOr
Helianthus hybr 'Table Mountain'Flat-topped compact habit, rich-green foliage, and deep-yellow daisy-like flowers in late summer. 1m38HelianthusTableMountain
Helianthus tuberosusJerusalem artichoke. Tall sunflower, flowers in October, attractive seedheads in November. Height 240cm.38HelianthusTuberosus
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Loraine Sunshine'Very attractive upright plant.Coarse nearly white leaves with strong greens markings.Golden yellow daisies from mid summer for many weeks.100cm38HeliopsisLoraineSunshine
Helleborus argutifolius AGMEvergreen dark foliage and pale green flowers in late winter and spring. 50-100cm height38HelleborusArgutifolius
Helleborus 'Double Ellen White'White flowers .35cm312HelleborusDoubleellenWhite
Helleborus lividus 'Rose Queen'Rose pink nodding flowers over marginated dark green leaves. 50cm in height. Likes shade to partial shade. Flowers in early spring.3122017 New Additionhelleborus-lividus-rose-queen
Helleborus lividus 'Silver and Rose'Silver green leaves on dark stems bearing rose pink flowers. 50cm in height. Likes shade to partial shade. Flowers in early spring.3122017 New Additionhelleborus-lividus-silver-and-rose
Helleborus orientalis'Yellow Hybrids'Shades of yellow flowers.50cm312HelleborusYellowHybrids
Hellebours 'Kilmurry Strain'Double and single, mixed range of colors.312HelleborusKilmurry
Hemerocallis 'Destined to See'Scented cream flowers with lavender eye and dark edge38HemerocallisDestinedToSee
Hemerocallis 'Longfields Pride'Purple-blue with yellow/green throat.Jul-Aug.50cm38HemerocallisLongfieldsPride
Hemerocallis'Tuscawillas' Tigers'Vibrant orange fls. July-aug-65cm38HemerocallisTuscawillasTigers
Heuchera 'Can-Can'Purple ruffled leaves38HeucheraCanCan
Heuchera 'Chocolate Ruffles'Chocolate ruffled leaves .Evergreen .25cm Eu Plant Variety Rights.55cm38HeucheraChocolateRuffles
Heuchera 'Silver Scrolls'Evergreen burgundy and silver leaves with white fls. 30cm38HeucheraSilverScrolls
Heuchera'Magnum'Giant Heuchera villosa hybrid which lives up its name by reaching 30 cm tall and 50 cm wide with large 10 in dark purple leaves that take on silvery sheen as season progresses.Small white flowers in late Spring.38HeucheraMagnum
Heuchera'Monet'Light green variegated leaves38HeucheraMonet
Heuchera'Paprika'Bright red orange leaves which change throughout the season and overwinter burgundy ,white fls .30cm38HeucheraPaprika
Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise'Deeply lobed leaves begin golden yellow with deep red veins aging to green by late summer.In autumn weather the older leaves turn orange pink and stay like that for winter.Sprays of white flowers in early Spring38HeucherellaAlabamaSunrise
Heucherella 'Solar Eclipse'Leaves of red brown bordered in lime green combined with such a beautiful habit and broadly scalloped leaf edges. April-June. Height 30cm.38HeucherellaSolarEclipse
Heucherella 'Sunrise Falls'A vigorous, trailing with large, yellow, maple-shaped leaves and red veins. Fall leaves have dramatic red tints. Tiny white flowers in summer. Height 30cm.38HeucherellaSunriseFalls
Heucherella 'Sweet Tea'Warm shades of orange seasoned with cinnamon brown . Darkens in summer. Height 30cm.38HeucherellaSweetTea
Heucherella'Tapestry'Dark centered leaves are coloured blue green in Spring and Summer and change to green with dark centres in autumn and winter.Warm pink flowers in early Spring38HeucherellaTapestry
Hosta 'Antioch'Purple marbled green foliageLavender–blue fls.July-Sept.60cm512HostaAntioch
Hosta 'Big Daddy'Large blue leaves, white fls. Oval shaped.60cmJuly-Aug38HostaBigDaddy
Hosta 'Birchwood Parky’s Gold'Medium-sized hosta. Bright-yellow heart-shaped leaves. Pale lavender flowers appear in July. Height 30-45cm.512HostaBirchwookParkysGold
Hosta 'Dancing in the Rain'New variety. White leaves with green edge.25cm.July-Aug38HostaDancingInTheRain
Hosta fort 'Aureomarginata'Green leaves,edged cream ,violet flowers Jul-Aug.60cm38HostaAureomarginata
Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'Apple green variegated roundy leaves with creamy margins. Large frangrant nearly white flowers in summer. Height 30-45cm.1025HostaFragrantBouquet
Hosta 'Golden Tiara'Green /yellow edge.Deep purple flowers Jun-Aug.60cm1025HostaGoldenTiara
Hosta 'Julie Morss'Light green leaves ,yellow margin ,Whitish lavender flowers .Jul-Aug.50cm512HostaJulieMorss
Hosta 'Krossa Regal'Grey–blue leaves .Lavender flowers Jul-Aug.75cm512HostaKrossaRegal
Hosta 'Moerheim'Heart shaped green leaves with apple green margins. Pale lavender tubular flowers in summer. Height 50-70cm.512HostaMoerheim
Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'White leaves ,wide green margin ,lavender flowers Jul-Aug.30cm38HostaNightBeforeChristmas
Hosta 'Pauls glory'Yellow green leaves with blue edge.60cmJul-Aug38HostaPaulsGlory
Hosta 'Purple Dwarf'Wavy dark green foliage and lavender flowers in summer. Height 15-25cm.1025No picture available, click here to picture search google for Hosta Purple Dwarf
Hosta siel 'Frances Williams'Blue-green leaves ,white flowers Jun-July.60cm512HostaFrancessWilliams
Hosta 'Snowflakes'Green, lanceolate leaves, very floriferous. White flowers. Medium green, mat colored. Height 30-40cm.38HostaSnowflakes
Hosta 'Sum & Substance'Chartreuse to gold,lavender flowers Aug-Sept.70cm512HostaSumAndSubstance
Hosta tardiana 'Halcyon'Blue leaves ,white flowers Jul-Aug.60cm512HostaHalcyon
Hosta 'Wide Brim'Blue overlapping leaves.Lavender blue flowers Jul-Aug.45cm512HostaWideBrim
Humulus lupulusClimbing hardy herbaceous perennial.Fast grown vines that produces ornamentsal hops in Sept.Dries makes lovely arrangments.2-3m tall38HumulusLupulus
Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' AGMClimber. Yellow-green deeply lobed leaves and green-yellow cone like flowers follow attractive hops. Height 4-8m.38HumulusAureus
Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'Japanese bloodgrass. Forms clumps of flat green leaves topped with bright vivid red. Beautiful grass. Narrow silver flowers appear in late summer. 40cm38ImperataRedBaron
Incarvillea olgaePink softly veined ,single feather leaves.80cm.Jul-Sept38IncarvilleaOlgae
Iris 'Broadleigh Laevinia'Beardless Pacific Coast Iris/Stunning purple- blue flowers in late Spring38IrisBroadleighLavinia
Iris confusa 'Martyn Rix'Bamboo like stems topped with fans of long green leaves. Dark blue/violet flowers. Moist soil. Height 60-90cm.38IrisMartynRix
Iris ensata 'Emotion'Beautiful white flowers with a touch of yellow in early summer. Likes sun to partial shade.382016 New additionIris-ensata-Emotion
Iris ensata 'Fortune''Fortune' is a huge-flowered Japanese Iris with white flowers that are softly streaked with purple and contrasting bright purple from May to June.38IrisFortune
Iris ensata 'Laughing Lion' Double violet-red flowers June to July. Height 90cm. Requires full sun and moist soil, prefers slightly acid. Soil, prefers slightly acid.38IrisLaughingLion
Iris ensata 'Oase'Rich purple iris with a yellow centre. 90cm tall.38IrisOase
Iris ensata 'Ocean Mist'This Iris is pale blue/purple in colour & requires a wet or damp position. Will grow up to 1m tall. It has very large flat, ruffled blooms up to 15cm across38IrisOceanMist
Iris ensata 'Sensation'Deep velvety purple blooms with yellow strokes make this a true sensation. Flowers all summer.38IrisSensation
Iris forestiiSiberian iris with clear yellow fls and brown lines on falls in early summer.40cm38IrisForestii
Iris germanica 'Edith Wolford'Bearded yellow and blue fls. 80cm. May-Jun38IrisEdithWolford
Iris siberica 'Butter & Sugar'Yellow and white38IrisButterAndSugar
Iris siberica 'Caesars Brother'Deep velvet blue flowers in Jun-July.90cm38IrisSibiricaCeasarsBrother
Iris siberica 'Ruffled Velvet'Satin purple-red flowers in Jun-Jul.80cm38IrisSibiricaRuffledVelvet
Iris sibirica 'Gelber Mantel'Large creamy yellow flowers with yellow veins. Height 75cm.38IrisGelberMantel
Iris sibirica 'Perry's Blue'Lovely variety clear blue fls .70cmJune-July38IrisPerrysBlue
Iris sibirica 'Sparkling Rose'Lilac pink flowers38IrisSibiricaSparklingRose
Iris sibirica 'Velvety Queen'Siberian Iris. Dark blue/violet butterfly-like flowers in late spring. Height 60cm.38no-picture
Iris unguiculariSTough grass like evergreen leaves.Pale lavender to deep violet flowers with central band of yellow on the falls.Flowers late Winter to early Spring38IrisUnguicularis
Kirengeshoma koreanaJapanese native, prefers shade, beautiful dark green foliage and elegant pale yellow, bell-shaped flowers in late summer. 75cm38KirengeshomaKoreana
Kirengeshoma palmataThis hardy, clump-forming perennial, wears shuttlecock-shaped soft-yellow blossoms in late August and early September38KirengeshomaPalmata
Knautia macedonica 'Mars Midget'Ruby red flowers dwarf habit.flowers all summer into autumn.40cm38KnautiaMacedonicaMarsMidget
Knautia macedonica'Melton Pastels'Pink,wine red,salmon and light blue colours.150cm38KnautiaMacedonicaMeltonPastels
Kniphofia 'Bees Lemon'Narrow yellow flowers from green buds.85cm38KniphofiaBeesLemon
Kniphofia 'Brimstone'Slender green and pale yellow pokers Aug-Dec.75cm.AGM38KniphofiaBrimstone
Kniphofia 'Light of the World'Flared lucent pale orange flowers in a slender poker.Aug-Oct.60cm38KniphofiaLightOfTheWorld
Lathyrus vernus (Orobus vernus)Spring pea. Dark green, clump-forming foiage and pink/white flowers in spring. Height 30cm.38LathyrusVernus
Lavandula ang. 'Richard Gray' AGMEvergreen shrub with relatively wide grey leaves and contrasting deep purple flowers. Height 50cm.38no-picture
Lavandula angustifolia 'Cedar Blue'Very dence blue-purple fls.38LavandulaCedarBlue
Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote Superior'Deep violet fls ,white grey foliage .Compact plant .40cm38LavandulaHidcote
Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'English lavender. Grey-green aromatic foliage and purple-blue flowers from July-September. Height 45cm.38LavandulaMunstead
Lavandula angustifolia 'Rosea'Light pink fls .35cm.Grey compact folaige38LavandulaRosea
Lavandula 'Papillon'Beautiful french lavender. The flowers as the name suggests looks like tiny butterflies. Highly scented.382016 New additionLavandula-Papillon
Lavandula stoechasDark purple fls butterfly type fls.60cm38LavandulaStoechas
Leucanthemum 'Clara Curtis'Pink daisy fls from July-Sept.Lightly fragrant fls .40cm38Chrysanthenum Clara Curtis
Leucanthemum 'Goldrush'Full double creamy with flowers wth yellow centre. 120cm38ChrysantheumGoldraush
Leucanthemum 'Hazel's Dream'Stunning new variety ,three layers of white fls which seem to lift and shimmer in the wind.50cm wide fls and 1.2m tall .38Leucanthemum-Hazel's-Dream
Leucanthemum 'Silver Spoon'Pure white spoon like petals .with yellow centre. 120cm.Ideal cut flower.38no-picture
Leucanthemum 'Sunny Side Up'White double petalled flowers with a raised, egg yolk yellow centre. Very good for cutting.38ChrysantheumumSunnySideUp
Leucanthemum superbum 'Northern Lights'Shatsa daisy. Features the classic daisy flowers: white rays and yellow center disks. Multiple flowers per stem. Brilliant cut flowers. Height 60-90cm.38LeucanthemumNorthernLights
Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Aglaia'Herbaceous perennial with dark green, glossy leave that bears large, double frilly white daisy-like flowers with yellow centres in mid-summer. Height 60 -75cm. Perfect for any sunny border. 38Leucanthemum-x-superbum-Aglaia
Leucanthenum x superbum 'Fiona Coghill'Shaggy double white with centre of shorter yellow petals.Strong stems excellent for cutting.Ideal for sunny spot.80cm38no-picture
Leymus arenariusBlue Lyme Grass. Beautiful steel-blue foliage. Spreading grass. Can be used as a ground cover in sunny area or in containers. Foliage can be used for flower arranging! Height 60-90cm.38LeymusArenarius
Libertia grandifloraGrass like evergreen leaves,panicles of saucer shaped white fls followed by orange seed capsules38LibertiaGrandiflora
Ligularia dentata 'Britt Marie Crawford'Darkest leaves with yellow flowers. Height 60-120cm.38LigulariadentataBrittMarieCrawford
Liriope muscari VariegataLilyturf. Vibrant, grass-like plant with green foliage, striped with cream. Spikes of smale blue-violet flowers in September and followed by dark purple berries. Great choice for problem sites. Height 30-45cm.38LiriopeMuscariVariegata
Lobelia speciosa 'Hadspen Purple'Compact green foliage tinted purple and violet purple flowers July-September. Height 60cm.38LobeliaHadspensPurple
Lobelia x speciosa 'Butterfly Blue'Green leaves with striking violet blue fls .60cm38LobeliaButterflyBlue
Lobelia cardinalis 'Bees Flame'Beetroot red leaves .Lond spikes of brillant scarlet red lipped fls during late summer.Rich damp soil.Full sun.80cm38LobeliaBeesFlame
Lobelia fulgens 'Elmfleur'Foliage red with red fls on tall stems.80cm.Improved Queen Victoria.38LobeliaFulgensElmfleur
Lobelia 'Monet Moment'Huge rose pink flowers in mid-summer. This clump forming perennial likes a sun to partial shade spot.382016 New additionLobelia-Monet-Moment
Lobelia 'Rose Princess'Pink flowers in late summer over dark red/green foliage.Excellent border plant. 60cm height.38LobeliaRosePrincess
Lobelia 'Russian Princess'Dark pink flowers on dark foliage38LobeliaRussianPrincess
Lobelia 'Sparkling Ruby'Mid green leaves with ruby red fls in summer to autumn.60cm38LobeliaSparklingRuby
Lobelia speciosa 'Crimson Princess'Deep crimson flowers in mid to late summer. Attracts bees and butterflies.382016 New additionLobelia-speciosa-Crimson-Princess
Lobelia 'Tania'Dark leaves on brown stems.Spikes of garnet purple fls in late summer.60cm38LobeliaTania
Lobelia tupaBrick red lipped flowers Jul-Dec.1-3m58LobeliaTupa
Lobelia x gerardiiPurple violet flowers .100cmJune-SEpt38LobeliaXGerardii
Lupinus 'Chandelier'Spikes of yellow flowers in summer, sometimes fragrant.Sun and well drained alkaline soil. 75cm38LupinusChandelier
Lupinus 'My Castle'Wine red blooms above dissected leaves describe this gorgeous Lupine. Fragrant.100cm38LupinusMyCastle
Lupinus 'Noble Maiden'Spikes of white scented blooms in summer. 75cm38LupinusNobleMaiden
Lupinus 'The Chatelaine'Spikes of bicoloured pink and white flowers. Height 90cm.38LupinusTheChatelaine
Lupinus 'The Governor'Long flower spikes in shades of blue and white are produced in early summer. 100cm38LupinusGovernor
Lupinus 'The Pages'Deep red flowers. Height 1m.38LupinusThePages
Luzula sylvatica 'Aurea'Broad leaves that are bright and shiny in winter,yellow green in summer.70cm38LuzulaSylvaticaAurea
Lychnis coronaria 'Gardener's World'Pink red double flowers on long grey stems and grey rosette forming foliage. June-September. Height 50cm.38LychnisGardenersWorld
Lychnis flos-cuculi 'White Robin'White flowers ,40cm.May-July38LychnisFlos-cuculiWhite Robin
Lychnis flos-jovis 'Peggy'Flower-of-love. More compact and longer lived form. Deep pink flowers in late spring to mid summer. Height 25-30cm.38LychnisPeggy
Lychnis viscaria 'Plena'Compact perennial with narrow dark green leaves and bright, double pink flowers in early to mid-summer. Sun to partial shade.382016 New additionLychnis-viscaria-Plena
Lysimachia atropurpurea 'Beaujolais'Rich burgundy-purple flowers in mmidsummer with grey-green foliage. Likes full sun to partial shade. Also attracts butterflies.382016 New additionLysimachia-atropurpurea-Beaujolais
Lysimachia clethroidesSnow white flowers in June and July. A very pretty plant getting to around 60cm in height. Likes sun to semi-shade.382016 New additionLysimachia-clethroides
Lysmachia cil 'Firecracker'Dark foliage with yellow flowers in late summer .1m38LysimachiaFirecracker
Lysmachia punctataBright yellow flower in tiered clusters on stem.Jul-Aug..100cm38LysimachiaPunctata
Lysmachia punctata 'Alexander'Masses of yellow flowers Jun-Sept on variegated leaves.75cm38LysimachiaPunctataAlexander
Lythrum salicaria 'Blush'Clumps of slender tapering spikes with small soft pink flowers borne evenly in rings up slim, leafy stems. June-August. Height 90cm.38LythrumBlush
Lythrum salicaria 'Robert'Purple pink starry fls.Moist Soil.60cm July-Sept38LythrumRobert
Lythrum salicaria'Lady Sackville'Masses of rose pink flowers from daek grren leaves.July-Sept.120cm38LythrumLadySackville
Lythrum 'Swirl'Rich rosy purple fls.Moist soil July-Sept.90cm38LythrumSwirl
Macleaya m. 'Kelway's Coral Plume'Huge perennial with large plume like deep buff to coral pink flowers from early to mid summer. Height 2.2m38MacleyaCoralPlume
Matterccia struthiopterisShuttlecock fern.Crown forming fern.Bright green fronds100cm39FERNMatteuciaStruthiopteris
Meconopsis grandisBlue poppy. Leaves form as rosettes, and are erect and toothed, blue saucer-shaped flowers appear from spring to mid summer. Height 60-90cm.38MeconopsisGrandis
Meconpsis betonicifoliaBluish green leaves and striking saucer-shaped blue flowers in summer. 80 cm tall.38MeconopsisBetonicfolia
Melianthus majorHoney bush .bronze red fls Attractive blue green leathery foliage.2m512MelianthusMajor
Melica altissima 'Alba'Tufted clump forming decidious grass with linear pointed pale green leaves.Green white flower spikelets from late Spring to early summer39GrassNo picture available, click here to search google image for Melica Altissima Alba
Miscanthus floridusGiant Maiden Grass. Decidious grass. Height 3m.39GrassMiscanthusFloridus
Miscanthus nepalensisClump forming green foliaged grass with airy plumes of yellowish flowerheads with hints of pinks. Eventually 1m in height and spread.392016 New additionMiscanthus-nepalensis
Miscanthus sin 'Kleine Fontane'Silvery flowers with hints of pink. This tall grass shows a fountain of foliage with plumes in late summer.392016 New additionMiscanthus-sin-Kleine-Fontane
Miscanthus sin. 'Ferner Osten'Tall spikes of creamy-white flowers over dark green foliage.39GrassMiscantusFernerOsten
Miscanthus sin. 'Gold Bar'Densely banded creamy yellow and green foliage.39GrassMiscanthusGoldBar
Miscanthus sin. 'Kaskade'Tall brown-white flowers. Dark green foliage.39MiscanthusKaskade
Miscanthus sin. 'Malepartus'Perennial grass with narrow leaves hairy beneath often turning bronze. May bear fan shaped panicles of awned, deep red spikelets in early autumn. Height 225cm39GrassMiscanthusMalepartus
Miscanthus sin. 'Yaku Jima'Dwarf Maiden Grass. 50cm39GrassMiscanthusYakuJima
Miscanthus sinensis 'Red Chief'Clumping upright grass that bears green leaves turing yellow in autumn. In early autumn maroon flowers form that turn silvery-grey in winter.382016 New additionMiscanthus-sinensis-Red-Chief
Molinia arundinacea 'Karl Foerster'Deciduous tufted grass. Fine purple flower panicles in summer. 1.5m39GrassMoliniaKarlFoerster
Molinia arundinacea 'Windspiel'Linear leaves of this grass turn yellow in autumn. Fine purple flower panicles in summer. 1.4m39GrassMoliniaWindspiel
Molinia caerulea 'Moorhexe'Excellent form of purple moor grass forming clumps of green leaves and strongly vertical architectural flower spikes.75cm38GrassMoliniaMoorhexe
Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea 'Transparent'Purple moor grass. A clump forming grass that bears delicate green flowers but fades to purple-brown and then to a golden colour in the autumn.382016 New additionMolinia-caerulea-subsp-arundinacea-Transparent
Molinia caerulea subsp. 'Heidebraut'Moor grass. Compact upright, willowy stems in summer and autumn with violet flowerspikes. Good autumn color. Height 45-60cm.38GrassMoliniaHeidebraut
Molinia caerulea 'Variegata'Tufted and compact deciduous grass with dark green and cream striped leaves.Ochre stems and purple spikelets .60cm38GrassMoliniaCaeruelaVariegata
Monarda 'Aquarius'Pale lilac flowers in summer. Height 90cm Spread 45cm38MonardaAquarius
Monarda astromontana 'Bees Favourite'Masses of mauve fls spikes above compact plants. Pleasant bergamot fragrance.60cm38MonardaBeesFavourite
Monarda 'Beauty of Cobham'Masses of mauve fls spikes above compact plants.Pleasant bergamot fragrance.60cm38MonardaCobham
Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet'Red scarlet fls from mid summer to autumn. 45cm38MonardaCambridge
Monarda 'Croftway Pink'Bergamot. Clear pink flowers in late summer and autumn. Height 90cm.38MonardaCroftwayPink
Monarda 'Gardenview Scarlet'Bergamot. Bright red, long-lasting, tufted flowers are surrounded by a ruff of pale green bracts that have pink tips, which turn bronze shades after the flowers have faded. July-September. Height 45cm.38Mondarda-Gardenview-Scarlet
Monarda 'Mahogany'Unique maroon-purple fls over fragrant light green foliage. 75cm38MonardaMahogany
Monarda 'Prarienacht'Purple lilac fls with green slightly red tinged bracts from mid summer to autum.90cm38MonardaPrarienacht
Monarda 'Twins'Rich pink fls held in purple flushed calyces, Highly aromatic foliage.90cm38MonardaTwins
Morina longifoliaRosette forming perennial with tiered clusters of waxy pink flowers.90cm.June -Aug38MoliniaLongifolia
Nepeta 'Dawn till Dusk'Pink flowers38NepetaDawnTillDusk
Nepeta faassenii 'Senior'Purple-blue catming. 40cm38NepetaSenior
Nepeta faassenii 'Walkers Low'Grey green to silvery foliage with soft lavender blue flowers from summer into autumn.90cm.Super plant38NepetaWalkersLow
Nepeta grandiflora 'Bramdean'Upright aromatic grey-green foliage and long spikes of deep blue flowers in June to September. Height 75cm.38NepetaBramdean
Nepeta hybrida 'PinkCandy'Numerous candy pink flowers over a long flowering season. Aromatic foliage. 45cm38NepetaPinkCandy
Nepeta si b'Souvenir d'Andre Chaudron'Spreading perennial with toothed smooth aromatic grey-green leaves. Spikes of large dark lavender blue fls all summer.45cm38NepetaSouvenirDAndreChaudron
Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant'Vigorous perennial with aromatic lavender–blue flowers Jun-Sept.100cm38NepetaSixHillsGiant
Nepeta 'Snowflake'White catmint. Fragrant blue-grey foliage and white flowers throuout the summer. Height 30cm.38NepetaSnowflake
Nepeta subisillisBushy upright habit of fragrant glossy green leaves with clusters of tubular blue fls throughout the summer.Sut back hard in July to get repeat flowering .60cm38NepetaSubisillis
Nerine bowdenii 'Alba'Autumn flowering bulb with white flowers. Likes a well-drained, sunny spot.382016 New additionNerine-bowdenii-Alba
Nerine bowdenii 'Isabel'This bright pink flowering Nerine flowers in late autumn.382016 New additionNerine-bowdenii-Isabel
Nerine bowdeniiBulbous perennial with broad strap leaves in autumn funnel shaped scented pink flowers .45cm38NerineBowdenii
Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll White'Love in the mist. An annual of upright, bushy habit, with white flowers 4cm in summer above the feathery foliage.9cm42016 New additionNigella-damascena-Miss-Jekyll-White
Oenothera pallidaWhite Evening Primrose. Large, fragrant white crepe-textured flowers that open on summer evenings, fading the next day to soft pink. Early to late summer. Height 30-45cm.38OenotheraPallida
Omphalodes cappadocia 'Starry Eyes'A burst of bright blue small flowers with white margin. Very dark pointy leaves. Flowers in spring and summer. 30cm height.38OmphalodesStarryEyes
Omphalodes 'Cherry Ingram'Good ground cover for moist partial shade. Rich blue blooms. AGM 25cm38OmphalodesCherryIngram
Omphaloides vernaMat forming ,clear blue flowers in Sping.20cm38OmphalodesVerna
Onoclea sensibilisSensitive fern. Medium to large deciduous fern. Bright yellow-green leaves are deeply divided. Height 60-90cm.39FERNOnocleaSensibilis
Ophiopogon plan 'Nigrescens'Grassy everblack leaves and berries ,violet flowers 12cm AGM38GrassOphiopogonNigrescens
Orlaya grandiflora 'Lace Flower'Delicate umbelifer white flower heads in early to late-summer. Beautiful airy plant. Likes a sunny, well-drained spot. SOLD OUT.382016 New additionOrlaya-grandiflora-Lace-Flower
Othrosanthus multiflorusClump forming with grass-like leaves and blue/purple flowers porduced in spring and early summer. Height 100cm.38othrosanthus-multiflorus
Pachysandra 'GreenCarpet'Compact evergreen perennial with smaller finely toothed leaves.15cm38PachysandraGreenCarpet
Paeonia (LD) 'Marie Lemoine'Dark green leaves, and double white flowers.312PaeoniaMarieLemoine
Paeonia (LD) 'Primevere'Large, fragrant blooms, filled with a busy bright yellow center in smooth cream petals.312PaeoniaPrimevere
Paeonia 'Boule de Neige'White fls wit small red blush.100cmJune-July312PaeoniaBouleDeNeige
Paeonia 'Bowl of Beauty'Fuschia pink with yellow centre. Single fls 90cm.June-July312PaeoniaBowlOfBeauty
Paeonia 'Duchesse de Nemours'White fls.80cm.May-July312PaeoniaDuchesseDeNemours
Paeonia lactiflora 'Immaculee'Big bowl shaped white flowes that have a good scent .Good cut flower 80cm312PaeoniaImmaculee
Paeonia lactiflora 'Moon of Nippon'Prolific flowering plants with large white guard petals surrounding a centre of yellow stamens that grow larger as the flower ages.100cm512PaeoniaMoonOfNippon
Paeonia lactiflora 'Nippon Beauty'Single purple red flowers with petals tipped yellow and yellow stamen.Fragrant.Stands up well to bad weather.100cm512PaeoniaNipponBeauty
Paeonia officinalis 'Rubra Plena'Double ball shaped deepest crimson flowers with little rosettes of frilly petals.Scented.70cm512PaeoniaRubraPlena
Paeonia 'Shirley Temple'Clear pink white fls.100cm.June-July512PaeoniaShirleyTemple
Paeonia 'Solange'Cream white fls.80cmJuly512PaeoniaSolange
Panicum virgatum 'Strictum'Switch Grass. Tall, upright blue-green leaves with airy heads of tiny green flowers in late summer. Gradually turns golden-yellow in fall, remaining attractive all winter long.39GrassPanicumStrictum
Panicum virgatum 'Warrior'Switch Grass. Forms a tall, upright mound of green leaves, bearing airy heads of tiny green flowers in late summer. Develops good red fall colour. Height 120-150cm.39GrassPanicumWarrior
Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird Poppy'Upright annual with bright red that has large black spots near the centre of the flower. Like full sun, well-drained area. 9cm42016 New additionPapaver-commutatum-Ladybird-Poppy
Papaver orientale 'Miss Piggy'Heavily ruffled double white flowes infused with pink.Dark purple centres with striking purple seed heads.38PapaverMissPiggy
Papaver orientale 'Papillon'Big soft pink flowers with dark centres in early summer. Grows best in full sun. 60-70cm in height.382017 New Additionpapaver-orientale-papillon
Papaver orientale 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise'Salmon coloured flowers .80cm.May-June38PapaverPrincessVictoriaLouise
Papaver orientale'Beauty of Livermere'Dark red flowers .80cm.May-June38PapaverBeautyOfLimevere
Papaver orientale'Matador'Brillant large scarlet flowers.50cm38PapaverMatador
Papaver orientalis 'Salmon Pink'A great oriental poppy with large salmon- pink flowers in early summer.382016 New additionPapaver-orientalis-Pink-Salmon
Papaver somniferum 'Black Beauty'Almost-black, fully double flowers. Stunning.90cm38PapaverBlackBeauty
Papaver somniferum 'Pink Chiffon'Heavy doubled icing pink fls. Multi petalled paeony flowered form.90cm38PapaverPinkChiffon
Pennisetum alopecuroidesFountain Grass. Long lasting pinkish bottle brush-like flowers. Height 30-45cm.39Grasspennisetum_alopecuroides
Penstemon campanulatus 'Lilac Frost'Hardy penstemon. White flowers with lilac splash. 50cm38PenstemonLilacFrost
Penstemon 'King George'Bright red flowers with white throats late summer into autumn.Semi evergreen .60cm38PenstemonKingGeorge
Penstemon mexicalla 'Miniature Bells'Mixed shades of pink ,purple and rose on compact plants.45cm38PenstemonMiniatureBells
Penstemon 'White Bedder'Tubular funnel-shaped white fls. 60cm38PenstemonWhiteBedder
Perovskia atriplicifoliaRussian sage. Aromatic, finely dissected silver-grey leaves and upright spikes of tiny,two-lipped light blue flowers. Height 60-120cm38PerovskiaAtriplicifolia
Perovskia 'Blue Spire'Upright sub shrub deeply divided silver grey leaves with tubular violet blue flowers in late summer.1.2m38PerovskiaBlueSpire
Perovskia 'Little Spire'Russian sage. Aromatic, silver-grey leaves and upright spikes of tiny, violet-blue flowers. Height 60cm.38PerovskiaLittleSpire
Persicaria amplex. 'Black Field'Rods of light pink flowers covering light green foliage.38PersicariaAmplexBlackField
Persicaria amplex. 'Fat Domino'Bright red spikes over vivid green bushy foliage. Flowering from late spring till first frost. Height 120-180cm38PersicariaFatDomino
Persicaria amplex. 'Inverleith'Crimson red tapered flowers over rounded mounds of green foliage. 1m38PersicariaAmplexInverleith
Persicaria amplex. 'Orange Field'Unusual salmon-pink spikes of flowers over bushy foliage. Long flowering starting in spring. Height 80-100cm.38PersicariaOrangeField
Persicaria amplex. 'Speciosa'Long red flower spike. 150cm38PersicariaAmplexFiretail
Persicaria microcephala 'Purple Fantasy'Striking for its unusuall variegated purple and green foliage. Small white flowers appear in July and August. Height 40-50cm.38PersicariaPurpleFantasy
Phlomis cashmerianaLilac-purple hooded flowers in summer.90cm38PhlomisCashmeriana
Phlomis russelianaYellow whorls of flowers ,decorative fruit stalks.100cm38PhlomisRusseliana
Phlomis tuberosa 'Amazone'Coarse foliage and mauve pink hooded flowers arranged in layers around the tall stems. May- July. Height 90-120cm.38PhlomisAmazone
Phlomis tuberosa 'Bronze Flamingo'Violet fls on bronze leaves.100cm38PhlomisBronzeFlamingo
Phlomis tuberosaViolet whorls of flowers.100cm38PhlomisTuberosa
Phlox 'Balmoral'Large trusses of pink flowers Jun-Sept.90cm38PhloxBalmoral
Phlox 'Bright Eyes'Pink with red eye.80cm38PhloxBrightEyes
Phlox 'Creme de Menthe'Light pink flowers with dark pink eye. Flowers from mid- summer to late autumn. 90cm tall38PhloxCremeDeMenthe
Phlox 'Franz Schubert'Violet flowers Jul-Oct.60cm38PhloxFranzSchubert
Phlox 'Miss Pepper'Big pale pink flowers. Flowers from mid-summer to early autumn. 90cm tall38PhloxMissPepper
Phlox pan 'Amethyst'Amethyst blue. Becoming mauve 80cm38PhloxAmethyst
Phlox pan 'Fujiyama'White mildew resistant.80cm38PhloxFujiyama
Phlox pan 'Little Boy'Blue flowers with a white eye.Jul-Sept.80cm38PhloxLittleBoy
Phlox pan 'New bird'Red flowers 80cm38PhloxNewbird
Phlox pan 'Nicky'Dark purple flowers ,mildew resistant.38PhloxNicky
Phlox pan 'The King'Deep red flowers Jul-Sept.80cm38PhloxTheKing
Phlox paniculata 'David'White fragrant flowers July-Sept. Height 60-100cm.38PhloxDavid
Phlox paniculata 'Sweet Summer Dream'Sweet Summer series. Fragrant salmon pink flowers in mid summer. Height 60-90cm.38PhloxSweetSummerDream
Phlox paniculata 'Sweet Summer Fantasy'Sweet Summer series. Fragrant white flowers with pink/purple margin. Blooms in mid summer. Height 60-90cm.38PhloxSweetSummerFantasy
Phlox paniculata 'Sweet Summer Queen'Sweet Summer series. Fragrant delicate pink flowers with dark eye in mid summer. Height 60-90cm.38PhloxSweetSummerQueen
Phlox paniculata 'Sweet Summer Sensation'Sweet Summer series. Fragrant pale pink flowers with dark pink eye in mid summer. Height 60-70cm.38PhloxSweetSummerSensation
Phlox pan'White Admiral'White.80cm38PhloxWhiteAdmiral
Phlox 'Sweet Summer Ocean'Lilac blue flowers .70cm scented38PhloxSweetSummerOcean
Phlox 'Sweet Summer Snow'Clear white compact dark green leaves.55cm38PhloxSweetSummerSnow
Phlox 'Windsor'Salmon orange fls .75cm38PhloxWindsor
Physalis alkekengi franchetiiBright orange to red papery covering over its fruit, which resemble Chinese lanterns. 60cm tall.38PhysalisAlkekengiFranchetii
Physostegia virg 'Bouquet Rose'Pale lilac-pink flowers Jun-Sept.1.2m38PhysostegiaBouquetRose
Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'Vigorous angular mottled green foliage becomes palmate as plant matures,clusters of large garnet fls.Apr-Jun.Shady spot.75cm38PodophyllumspottyDotty
Polemonium caer. 'Brise d'Anjou'Variegated foliage stays beautiful from spring to frost, blue fls. 50cm38PolemoniumBrisedAnjou
Polemonium 'Heavenly Blue'Beautiful blue flowers. Jun-Aug.100cm38PolemoniumHeavenlyBlue
Polemonium pauciflorum 'Sulphur Trumpets'Silver fern like foliage with yellow trumpet fls with pink lipstick markings on the back.45cm38PolemoniumSulphurTrumpets
Polygonatum verticillatumWhorled Solomon's seal, tubular greenish white flowers produced in late spring to mid summer. Height 90cm.38Polygoantum verticillatum
Polystichum brauniiPrickly shield fern.Evergreen deep green fronds.45cm39FERNPolystichumBraunii
Potentilla cultorum 'Lemon me'Dwarf variety.Tiny lemon-yellow flowers on glossy deeply divided foliage. Height 30cm.38no-picture
Potentilla 'Emilie'Blotches of yellow that warm the rusty, dark-red flowers. Flowers from early summer. 45cm tall38PotentillaEmilie
Potentilla hybr. 'Gloire d'Nancy' Stunning silvered green leaves, with very light marginal spotting and large violet-blue flowers February - May.38PotentillaHybrGloreD'Nancy
Potentilla megalanthaYellow flowers .40cm38PotentillaMegalantha
Potentilla 'Melton Fire'Large crushed strawberries and cream flowers Apr-Oct.30cm38PotentillaMeltonFire
Potentilla nepalansis 'Miss Willmott'Carmine rose flowers .40cm38PottentillaMissWillmott
Potentilla thurberi 'Monarch Velvet'Velvet bi-color fls of crimson and raspberry red .60cm38PotentillaMonarchsVelvet
Potentilla 'William Rollisson'Sumptuous velvety orange semi double fls with yellow centres and darker edges.40cm38PotentillaWilliamRollison
Potentilla x hopwoodianaMasses of salmon pink fls with white centres on long arching stems 30cm x 60 cm.Fls May August38PotentillaHopwoodiana
Primula bulleyanaOrange candelabra primula .40cm38PrimulaBulleyana
Primula capitataDeep purple tubular blooms in late spring to summer held so densely in stacked whorls on powdered grey/green clump forming foliage. Height 25cm38primula_capitata
Primula denticulata 'Alba'White flowers.30cmMar-April38PrimulaDenticulataAlba
Primula denticulata 'Blue Selection'Dark blue selection.30cmMar-April38PrimulaDenticulataBlue
Primula denticulata 'Rubin Selection'Carmine red flowers.30cm.Mar-April38PrimulaDenticulataRubin
Primula florindaeHimalayan Cowslip. Rosettes of green leaves stand under upright clusters of dangling bells of yellow/orange. Likes Partial shade.382016 New additionPrimula-florindae
Primula heucherifoliaUmbels of bright pink flowers stand above lobed hairy green leaves.382016 New additionPrimula-heucherifolia
Primula japonica 'Millers Crimson'Intense red .60cm38PrimulaMillersCrimson
Primula japonica 'White Mink'Decidious perennial about 45cm in height. Rosette formimg green foliage, with stems of white whorls of flowers in early summer. Likes damp dappled conditions.382016 New additionPrimula-japonica-White-Mink
Primula japonica'Alba'Beautiful pure white flowers with honey yellow centres over mid green foliage38PrimulaJaponicaAlba
Primula japonica'Appleblossom'Pink and white flowers May-July.50cm38PrimulaAppleBlossom
Primula rosea gigasBeautiful primrose with rosettes of crimson rose flowers sitting on long strong stems in March and April. Brilliant dispaly of colour! Height 20-25 cm.38PrimulaGigas
Primula veris 'Sunset Shades'Cowslip. Frangrant yellow, orange and red flowers on rosette froming foliage. June-July. Height 25cm.38PrimulaSunsetShades
Primula vulgaris 'Innisfree'Primrose.Beautiful dark leaves form clump and very rich red flowers appear in the spring. Height 30cm.38PrimulaInnisfree
Primula'Tie Dye'Large single deep blue flowers with white markings .Oct-May.15cm38PrimulaTieDye
Pulmonaria rubra'Bowles Red'Faint spots on leaves. Coral pink fls, moist condition and semi shade. Neat mound38PulmonariaRubra
Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain'Spotted leaves ,cobolt blue flowers May-Jun.30cm38PulmonariaTreviFountain
Pulmonaria 'White Wings'Pink eyed white flowers in spring.May-Jun.30cm38PulmonariaWhiteWings
Pulsatilla vulgarisFlowers purple.Mar-May.40cm38PulsatillaVulgaris
Rhaeum palmatum atrosanguineumLarge robust plant with large palmately lobed leaves, open purple and fade to green. Tall steams bearing clusters of tiny flowers. Height 1.5-2.5m512Rhaeum
Rheum 'Ace of Hearts'A highly unusual ornamental rhubarb, the giant leaves' glossy dark green upper surface is complemented by the purple red blush underside. Height 1.2m512RheumAceOfHearts
Rodgersia 'Chocolate Wings'Big chocolate-brown leaves in spring then change to green-brown. Its clusters of tiny flowers appear June-August and also change colour as they mature from pale blush to rich burgundy. Height 60-80cm.38RodgersiaChocolateWings
Rodgersia 'Irish Bronze'Large clumps of glossy, bronze flushed, pinnate leaves and panicles of foamy white flowers. July to August. Height 90cm.38RodgersiaIrishBronze
Rodgersia pinnataPalmate crinkled leaves with spikes of pink fls in mid summer.1m38RodgersiaPinnata
Romneya coulteriCalifornian tree poppy. Beautiful big poppy-like white flowers with yellow centres in mid-summer. Gets to about 1.5m in height and spread.3122016 New additionRomneya-coulteri
Rudbeckia fulgida 'Pot of Gold'Black Eyed Susan. Vivid golden flowers, shorter and more compact then other varieties. Blooms mid to late summer. Height 50-60cm.38RudbeckiaPotOfGold
Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'Wide black eyed single daisy fls .mid summer into autumn.60cm38RudbeckiaGoldsturm
Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne'Tall sturdy plant with bright yellow fls and conical green centre. July-Sept. 2m38RudbeckiaHerbstone
Rudbeckia hirta 'Chim Chiminee'Mid size rudbeckia with narrow or quilled petals surrounding a brown cone.Shades of yellow,gold ,yellow and mahogany red.Outstanding cut flower.Short lived perennial.60cm38RudbeckiaChinChiminee
Rudbeckia hirta 'Chin chiminee'Unusual narrow and petalled flowers in shades of yellow, gold, orange and mahogany red in mid to late summer. The flower heads add great winter interset to the garden if left. Likes full sun to partial shade.382016 New additionRudbeckia-hirta-Chin-chiminee
Rudbeckia maximaGiant coneflower. Green foliage with tall stems and small yellow flowers with giants upright cones. Attracts birds and insects. Blooms late summer and autumn. Height 1-2m.38RudbeckiaMaxima
Rudbeckia occidentalis 'Green Wizard'Very different plant .Bright green sepals around a black cone with yellow rim..Good in drying.150cm38RudbeckiaGreenWizard
Rudbeckia 'Peking'Gold fls with dark brown central haloes .Jul-Sept.60cm An echinacea and rudbeckia hybrid38rudbecia_pecking
Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Henry Eilers'Dome- shaped brown centres hold bright yellow narrow petals that are beautiful in mid to late summer. They like a sunny, well-drained spot.382016 New additionRudbeckia-subtomentosa-Henry-Eilers
Salvia 'Blue Note'Deep blue flowers from dark stems over long period May-November.55cm38SalviaBlueNote
Salvia microphylla 'Hotlips'Unique scarlet-red and white, two toned flowers as the flowers mature. 382016 New additionSalvia-microphylla-Hotlips
Salvia mircophylla'Pink Beauty'Beautiful pink flowers on grey-green foliage in mid-summer. Highly scented. Bees and butterflies love.382016 New additionSalvia-mircophylla-Pink-Beauty
Salvia nemerosa 'Rose Queen'Rose pink flowers in June to September. Highly frangant foliage that bees and butterflies love.382016 New additionSalvia-nemerosa-Rose-Queen
Salvia nemorosa 'Amethyst'Bushy perennial with aromatic foliage and spires of purple flowers in summer and autumn.38SalviaNemorosaAmethyst
Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht (May Night)'Striking dark violet-blue flower spikes in May and June and remains upright and tidy throughout the season. Height 30-60cm.38SalviaMainacht
Salvia nemorosa 'Ostfriesland' AGMSlender spires of intense violet-blue flowers from July to September above clumps of wrinkled, mid-green leaves. Blooms July-September. Height 50-100cm38SalviaOstfriesland
Salvia nemorsa 'Caradonna'Long purple spikes of flowers, the stems are very dark shade of purple that they almost appear to be black - very striking combination of colors38SalviaCaradonna
Salvia nemorsa 'Negrito'Light purple flowers with a dark purple stem running though them.38SalviaNegrito
Salvia patens 'Cambridge Blue'Large pale blue hooded fls on erect stems .Needs warm garden38SalviaCambridgeBlue
Sanguisorbia 'Cangshan Cranberry'Rich burgundy flowers on thin reddish stems.Aug-October.1.5m38SanguisorbaCangshanCranberry
Sanguisorbia off. 'Red Thunder'Clump forming perenial with red fluffy spikes of fls from summer to early autumn. 70cm38SanguisorbiaRedTanna
Sanguisrba off. 'Blackthorn'Late flowering tall variety. Relatively long pale rufous-pink flowers Aug-Oct, 1-1.3m38SanguisorbaBlackthorn
Saxifraga fort'Black Ruby'Black leaves in summer that fade to very dark red in autumn.Deep ruby-red flowers.Oct-Dec.20cm38SaxifragaBlackRuby
Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Beaujolais Bonnets'Long late spring to summer bloom of burgundy flowers atop wiry stems. Height 45-60cm.38ScabiosaBeujolaisBonnets
Schizostylis coccinea 'Major'Robust producing large red fls in late summer.60cm38SchizostylisCoccineaMajor
Scutelleria incanaA meadow native that provides weeks of colour in mid summer. Purple fls top bushy green plants.80cm38ScutellariaIncana
Sedum 'Diamond Edge'Thick waxy variegated foliage for Spring into Summer then pink umbrella like flowers from autumn into winter.40cm38No picture available, click here to search google images for Sedum Diamond Edge
Sedum 'Frosty Morn'The late summer flower heads are pale pink. 40cm38SedumFrostyMorn
Sedum 'Gooseberry Fool'Large flat heads of creamy green in autumn.50cm38SedumGooseberryFool
Sedum 'Jaws'Clump forming, upright, fleshy, pale green leaves that have highly serrated edges that look like the jaws of a shark. Dusky pink flowers in late summer. Height 45-60cm.38SedumJaws
Sedum 'Karfunkelstein'Red violet flowers .dark leaves.50cm38SedumKarfunkelstein
Sedum 'Karfunkelstein'Red violet flowers on beautiful dark purple foliage. June-September. Height 40cm.38SedumKarfunkelstein
Sedum 'Munstead Purple'Green foliage with red purple fls .75cm38SedumMunsteadPurple
Sedum 'Purple Emperor'Dark foliaged sedum,red flowers July-Sept.40cm38SedumPurpleEmperor
Sedum spectabile 'Brilliant'Old fashioned perennial with cabagge like rosettes of succulent foliage throughout summer. Pink magenta masses of tiny flowers form flat heads in late summer and fall. Height 50cm.38SedumBrilliant
Sedum spectabile 'Iceberg'Fleshy bright green leaves and sturdy upright steams bearing flat heads of white starry clusters in late summer. Height 50cm.38SedumIceberg
Sedum 'Stewed Rhubarb Mountain'Creamy dark and light pink flowers in early autumn, grey-green foliage sometimes tinted purple. Height 45cm.38SedumStewedRhubarbMountain
Selinum wallichianumLarge umbels of white flowers appear over very unusual pinnate leaves in late summer.382016 New additionSelinum-wallichianum
Selseria heuflerianaThis cool season grass is gray-blue on the surface and green on the underside. Purple plumes appear in spring. Height 30cm.38SelseriaHeufleriana
Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh' AGMPrairie mallow. Silky mauve pink flowers with frindged petals. 5cm across. June-July. Height 45cm.38SidalceaElsieHeugh
Sidalcea malviflora 'Crimson Beauty'Magent hollycocks like flowers in June. Height 30-60cm.38sidalcea_crimsonbeauty
Sidalcea 'Wine Red'False mallow, has rich wine red,open, rose-shaped flowers on tall spires, with rounded, fresh green leaves. Height 90cm.38Sidalcea-Wine-Red
Silene dioicaAttractive medium to tall perennial with downy stems and rose pink flowers.April to November.38SileneDioica
Silene dioica 'Dark Form'Small hairy dark nearly purple leaves holds airy bright pink amazing flowers in early to mid-summer. Attacts bees and butterflies.382016 New additionSilene-dioica-Dark-Form
Sisyrinchium 'Biscutella'Blue-eyed grass. Compact, clump-forming, semi-evergreen perennial with erect, narrowly linear, mid- to bright green leaves and, in summer, upright stems bearing shallowly trumpet-shaped, pale yellow flowers, heavily marked and veined with dark purple. Height 30cm.38SisyrinchiumBiscutella
Solidago 'Goldenmosa'AGM.Compact bushy perennial. Late summer bears bright yellow fls 30cm38SolidagoGoldenmosa
Spiranthus cernea 'Chadds Form'Heavily scented white orchid flowersAug-Nov.45cm.Sheltered site38SpiranthesChaddesForm
Stachys byzantinaLamb's ears. Hardy and strong perennial with silver white wooly leaves and tall stems bearing pink-purple flowers in summer. Height 15-60cm.38StachysByzantina
Stachys byzantina 'Cotton Ball'Lamb's ears. Unusual flower spikes that resemble cotton balls arranged along the stem.May to July. Stunning soft hairy white foliage. Height 30-45cm.38StachysCottonBall
Stachys coccineaSpreading hairy perennial with wrinkled mid green leaves. Upright stems bear slender spikes of narrow scarlet fls from mid spring to mid autumn.60cm38StachysCoccinea
Stachys discolorSoft yellow fls on narrow foliage.25cm.June-Aug38StachysDiscolor
Stachys grandifloraPurple-rose fls.45cmJuly-Sept38StachysGrandiflora
Stachys monieriPurplish pink coloured fls on thick growth of wrinkled leaves.50cm Late summer38StachysMonieri
Stachys monieri 'Hummelo'Clumps of crispy green foliage and upright spikes of bright purple flowers in July-September. Height 45cm.38StachysHummelo
Stipa arundinacea (Anemanthele lessoniana )See Anemanthele lessoniana39GrassStipaArundinacea
Stipa giganteaGiant feather grass .180cm310GrassStipaGigantea
Stipa tenuissimaAngel hair,slender arching leaves ,feathery spikes of flowers.July-Sept.40cm39GrassStipaTenuissima
Tetrapanax papryifera 'Rex'Hardy ,enormous slightly felted palmate leaves 90cm wide ,occassionally large white fl heads Oct-Dec.2-5m Shade or dun .AGM312TetrapanaxRex
Teucrium hirc. 'Paradise Delight'Long spikes of rosy purple flowers in late summer. 50cm tall.38TeucriumParadiseDelight
Teucrium scorodonia crispum 'Marginata'Interesting evergreen sub shrub with leaves that are heavily crisped at the margins38TeucriumSorodonium
Thalictrum actaeifolium 'Perfume Star'Upright with airy, branching stems of small blue-green leaves. Huge clusters of star-like, fragrant, lavender flowers tipped with white appear in summer. Makes an unusual cut flower. Height 80-100cm.38No picture available, click to search google for Thalictrum Perfume Star
Thalictrum 'Anne'Tall variety .Heads of white fls from purple buds on tall purple stems.June August.2-3 metres tall.Gorgeous39ThalictrumAnne
Thalictrum aquil 'Thundercloud'Masses of deep dusky purple flowers in summer. Finely divided foliage Height 70cm.39ThalictrumThundercloud
Thalictrum aquil. 'Album'White Meadow Rue.39ThalictruAquilAlbum
Thalictrum delavayiDecidious upright herbaceous perennial to 1.5m, with large leaves and large open panicles of lilac-mauve flowers. Likes Partial shade and a well drained soil.3122016 New additionThalictrum-delavayi
Thalictrum delavayi 'Album'Clouds of tiny white flowers float on long stems above clumps of delicate grey-green leaves. Height 60cm.38ThalictrumDelavayiAlbum
Thalictrum delavayi 'Splendide'Clear pink flowers.1.5m39ThalictrumSplendide
Thalictrum delavayi'Splendide White'White flowers1.5m39ThalictrumSplendideWhite
Thalictrum flavum 'Illuminator'Yellow green leaves in early summer changing to blue grey for the summer. It bears cloud like spray of golden yellow flowers in summer. Height 90-150cm.512ThalictrumIlluminator
Thalictrum kiusanumFroths of purple flowers among maidenhair fern-like foliage.Jun-Sept.15cm38ThalictrumKiusanum
Thalictrum 'Tukker Princess'Ferny, blue-green, glaucous leaves unfold from strong stems, lending foliage.Flowers from June till August.38ThalictrumTukkerPrincess
Thalictrum virg 'Hewitts Double'Clear violet double fls on airy foliage. 150cm. June-Sept38ThalictrumHewittsDouble
Trachystemon orientalisGood ground cover blue flowers in Spring large hairy leaves.38TrachystemonOrientalis
Tradescantia 'Angel's Eyes'Spiderwort. Stunning white flowers with a small purple fuzz ball in spring and summer. Clump forming narrow leaves. Height 30-45cm.38TardescantiaAngelsEyes
Tradescantia 'Bilberry Ice'Triangular white flowers with lavender centre and yellow pollen.45cm38TradescantiaBilberryIce
Tradescantia 'Domaine du Courson'Triangular light pink flowers with lavender centre and yellow pollen.45cm38TradescantiaDomaineDuCourson
Tradescantia 'Kilmurry Purple'Lovely purple tradescantia developed in our nursery. Offers colour throughout the summer months.382016 New additionTradescantia-Kilmurry-Purple
Tradescantia'Sweet Kate'Lime green leaves and dark purple flowers.30cm38TradescantiaSweetKate
Trollius cultorum 'New Moon'Large pale creamy-yellow flowers on strong upright stems.38TrolliusNewMoon
Trollius x cultorum 'Cheddar'Double palest yellow fls from dissected foliage.Cool and elegant plant.40cm38Trolius-Cheddar
Trollius'Byrnes Giant'Pure citron yellow fls .Vivid colour on strong stems with dark foliage.Fls early summer.40cm38No Picture Available, click here to google search for Trollius Byrnes Giant
Tropaeolum tuberosum 'Ken Aslet'A near hardy semi-climbing plant, nasturtium-like leaves & flowers. Shoots will extend some 2 metres.38TropaeolumKenAslet
Tulbaghia violaceaLinear grey-green leaves with fragrant lilac flowers mid summer to autumn.30cm38TulbaghiaViolacea
Veratrum nigrumTufts of pleated leaves .Black maroon flowers Aug-Sept.AGM 2m38Sold OutVeratrumNigrum
Verbascum 'Artic Summer'Yellow flowers silvery woolly leaves.160cm38VerbascumArcticSummer
Verbascum chaixiiPale yellow blossoms with purple filaments in mid to late summer. Height 90-150cm.38VerbascumChaixii
Verbascum chaixii 'Sixteen Candles'Mullein. Tall spikes of gold flowers with violet stamens in late spring to mid summer. Basal grey green felty leaves. Height 90-120cm.38verbascum_sixteencandle
Verbascum chaxii album 'Milkshake'Strong spikes of white fls with plum eyes.Short stocky variety.75cm38VerbascumMilkShake
Verbascum 'Cherry Helen'Grey green leaves in a rosette form spikes of glowing cherry to plum red flowers38VerbascumCherryHelen
Verbascum 'Cotswold King'Spires of saucer shaped, yellow summer flowers with purple centres. 1.8m38VerbascumCotswoldKing
Verbascum 'Helen Johnson'Above a flat rosette of grey green leaves form branching spikes of flowers in a beautiful coppery orange shade with flushes of cream.Full sun well drained soil.75cm38VerbascumHelenJohnson
Verbascum 'Lavender Lass'Tight rosette of ruffled foliage send up a profusion of lavender plum flowers 60cm38VerbascumLavenderLass
Verbascum phoeniceum 'Violetta'Dark purple-violet candles fresh green leaves.90cm38VerbascumPhoenicumVioletta
Verbascum phoenicum 'Rosetta'Intense dark pink flowers.60cmMay-Aug38VerbascumPhoeniceumRosetta
Verbascum 'Sierra Sunset'Similar to Jackie but larger peachy orange flowers over rosette of soft green leaves.38VerbascumSierraSunset
Verbascum 'Sugar Plum'Dwarf verbascum shines in early summer with deep plum/wine flowers. Loves a sunny, dry spot. 382016 New additionVerbascum-Sugar-Plum
Verbena bonariensisStiff upright perennial. Lilac purple fls from mid summer to autumn. Stunning plant .2m38VerbenaBonariensis
Verbena hastataBlue vervain. Blue-purple fls. Height 150cm38VerbenaHastata
Verbena hastata 'Kilmurry'Grown from seeds collected from our garden, this Blue Vervain has purple/blue flowers for all summer. Adds height to borders. Height 120-160cm.38no-picture
Verbena hastata'Alba'Upright perennial with white fls on tall stems 1.5m38VerbenaHastataAlba
Verbena rigida 'Polaris'Low growing upright verbena with clusters of pale blue to silver flowers in mid-summer. Likes a sunny spot.382016 New additionVerbena-rigida-Polaris
Veronica spicata 'Red Fox'Fuchsia-pink fls appear over compact foliage. 35cm38Veronica-Red-Fox
Veronica spicata 'Rotfuchs'Slender spires of deep pink flowers in early summer. 25 cm tall.38VeronicaRotfuchs
Veronica spicata ssp incanaBlue flowers with silver grey mat of foliage.15cm38VeronicaIncana
Veronicastrum sibiricum 'Red Arrows'Deep violet fls preceded by reddish shoots and buds .Jul-Sept.1.2m39VeronicastrumRedArrows
Veronicastrum virg. 'Cupid'Erect perennial with spikes of lavender blue flowers on a dark stem. Flowers from mid-summer. 1m in height. Likes a sunny to partial shady position.382017 New Additionno-picture
Veronicastrum virg. 'Erica'Red buds open to tiny, pale pink flowers clustered on long, slender spires from July to August. 1.2m38VeronicastrumErica
Veronicastrum virg. 'Fascination'Erect hairless perennial with unbranched stems dark green leaves. From mid summer produces pink/purple fls in slender spikes. 1.5 m-2m38VeronicastrumFascination
Vinca Gertrude JekylMat-forming evergreen groundcover with small, dark-green ovate leaves, with pure white flowers. 30cm38VincaGertrudeJekyl
Viola soraria 'Famecheck Apricot'Apricot fls with contrasting violet pods.Ideal for containers.14cm38ViolaFamecheckApricot
Viola soraria 'Freckles'Abundant white fls mottled and splashed with blue/purple.Ideal for containers.15cm3ViolaSororiaFreckles
Watsonia pillansiiSlender clump forming perennial bears orange red fls from summer to autumn. 50-80 cm38WatsoniaPillansii
Yucca flaccida 'Golden Sword'Evergreen variegated leaves in spiky rosette.60cm512YuccaGoldenSword
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Mr Martin'Very large Easter lily fls.Apr-July and later .75cm512ZantedeshiaMrMartin